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Mar 6, 2007 08:27 AM

Honor Student

hey, I don't have a car,so I can't put it on a bumper stucker....anyway, one of my kids made the honor roll and after the school festivities tonight we would like to take her out for a special dinner. It is her night so we don't have to worry about vegetarian sister and pick-eater brother. She loves sushi and is adventurous. Her school is right at Castlefrank subway,so something on the Bloor subway line would be good. Maybe Danforth?
She grew up eating at the various family greek places so would like to find something a litle more "celebratory" for her..any ideas?

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  1. How about Globe Bistro on Danforth. I haven't been yet but it's supposed to be great. It's on Danforth, near Broadview.

    Oh yeah, and congratulations to your daughter.

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      I second the Globe, I had a great experienec for my birthday, it would be a good chance for her to try some more "upscale " dishes and its close to her school.

    2. For something adventurous and different near Castle Frank, try Spanish tapas at Embrujo Flamenco at Danforth/Broadview. They have a live Spanish dance show most evenings and will certainly make for a unique special occasion. Check out their website at

      1. Don't know your budget, but Pangaea fits the rest of your criteria. You walk out the doors of Cumberland Terrace then do a hairpin left turn into Pangaea. Couldn't be warmer.

        I wish I could think of a single great sushi place right on the subway line. If you can add a 5-10 minute walk or $5-$6 cab ride, let us know.

        1. What about Sakawaya (sushi) on Danforth east of Broadview, on the south side? I think it's at Jones.

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            I second this. Just check their hours of operation. I believe the resto is only open for dinner and Mondays are closed.

          2. Yamato on Bellair? There's a Bellair subway entrance at Bay station. The restaurant is 1 block north. I find their sushi quite good and there's always the option for teppanaki if others are not interested in sushi. Here's their website: