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Anniversary Dinner in Annapolis

Husband and I are spending the night in downtown Annapolis for our anniversary. We want a special atmosphere, a great meal and love just about anything (especially sushi or Asian cuisine). Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. I have never eaten hear but I have hear great reviews about the Lemon Grass Thai Resteraunt on West St in Downtown Annapolis!

    1. I second that! Lemon Grass is fantastic! Great venue and excellent food - in walking distance to a few spots for a pre or post dinner cocktail if that is in order.

      1. Best joint for sushi in Annapolis is Joss Cafe on Main street. There's another joint a few doors down, but it's not authentic. Also, there's Tsunami, a pan asian place that also offers some rolls. If you decide not to do asian, then try O'leary's in Eastport.

        A few weeks ago, I ate at Middletons, which was pretty good, but they are not upscale enough for a special occasion.

        1. Luna Blu on West Street is a great choice if you're looking for Italian food in a cozy (though quiet) atmosphere. The food was delicious -- I had a veal dish that came with an amazing four-cheese sauce.

          1. Joss is definitely the place for sushi in Annapolis, but it is very light on atmosphere. Tsunami is an excellent restaurant with a good vibe, but its cooked fish dishes -- and other entrees -- are much better than their sushi. Osteria 177 is a new Italian restaurant that just opened on Main Street and it is excellent -- though not cheap. There's also Picollo Roma on Main Street which is has great atmosphere and good food, though I don't think as good as Osteria. Luna Blu is several rungs down on the quality level compared to these.

            Harry Browne's on State Circle is also an excellent old Annapolis restaurant -- kind of contintental cuisine -- very nice place in a great spot.

            1. Lemongrass is fun and casual - hardly a special atmosphere for an anniversary. Same can be said for the sushi joints - Tsunami's the "dressiest" but their sushi is just ok.

              1. Aqua Terra is yummy and nice......has some asian inspired dishes.....

                1. For upscale and a nice atmosphere (along with food to match), I'd suggest Lewnes' Steakhouse in Eastport or Metropolitan on West Street. I think either of these would meet your qualifcations -- other than the Asian influence. For seafood, I'd second the recommendation of O'Leary's.

                  Also thought I'd share that I just had a great meal at Yin Yankee Cafe at the foot of Main Street. Very small and casual place, so may not be ideal for an anniversary dinner. Several sushi roll appetizers were fabulous and my Bison Strip Loin entree was tasty and perfectly cooked. I'd agree, though, that if you only want Sushi, you can't go wrong with Joss.

                  1. I spent my engagement dinner at Carrol's Creek restaurant---and we loved it. The food was wonderful as was the view. I would highly recommend it.

                    1. While the feel of Lemongrass is casual, it's nicely appointed. And the food is probably the best Thai I've had in the DC-Baltimore area. While Tsunami may have a better atmosphere, the food doesn't hold a candle to Lemongrass.

                      My favorite of the more formal restaurants in the area would have to be O'Learys.

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                        lemongrass food is good, but it is too noisy. Not a romantic spot. Carroll's Creek is a nice spot, overlooking Spa Creek. Very romantic is the Wild Orchid Cafe in Eastport.

                      2. Great suggestions, thanks! I found Yin Yankee online and was curious if it was any good. Also got some recommendations for Carol's Creek and O'Leary's from a native who now lives near me (Philly area). How far is Eastport from the downtown area? We will be staying at the Loews on West Street?

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                          I lived in Annapolis for four years (college) and trust me, you will regret missing O'Leary's. The restaurant is small, quiet, and casually elegant. It is a bit of a walk from Loews, maybe 1 or 1.5 mile(s), but you can walk the few blocks from the hotel to the city dock and take a water taxi over to Eastport which is just across the water, not far at all. I am a vegetarian and I fondly remember the meal that the chef served for me at O'Leary's when I went there a few years back, especially my entree. It was 5 or 6 of the house vegetable side dishes, all incorporating goat cheese in a different form (I told the waitress I liked Goat cheese). The care that was put into the whole enterprise of producing my dinner was great and evident. My parents visited me at least once a year in Annapolis from Ohio and they always made sure to get reservations at O'Leary's. I would love to have an Anniversary dinner there.
                          That being said, Yin Yankee is really really good also. It's a bit louder than O'Leary's, though not deafening like Tsunami, and it is a little bit more crowded than O'Leary's, but it is fun and the staff is friendly and the food is always good. You might also enjoy seeing the hubub of downtown Annapolis on a Saturday night. Good people watching. Whenever I go to Yin Yankee I have to get the grilled romaine with blue cheese and vinagrette. It's not so innovative or fancy, but it somehow works so well with the sushi rolls.
                          Harry Browns strikes me as your clasic "Fancy" restaurant. I went once and I really don't remember what was under my oily white sauce. Not good. If you are looking for a good bar, however, HBs is the place. It is above the restaurant proper and is a little bit hidden from tourists. I've never been clear on what idea their decor is supposed to evoke, but it is a comfortable bar and they have plenty of high brow liquor.
                          Make you reservation for O'Leary's as soon as you can. And for Yin Yankee, as far as I remember, they don't take reservations, but I could be wrong about that.

                        2. A lot of these suggestions are spot on. I wouldn't do Luna Bleu though, it's not really all that great. Best restaurants in town are O'Leary's and Lewnes. Both are in Eastport. To get there, simply walk across the Eastport Bridge close to the Eastport Yacht Club, you can't miss it. Make a left onto Severn Avenue and you'll come to both spots in quick fashion.

                          Although I love Joss and Yin Yankee (I'm a local and go there frequently for take out), it's not my spot for an anniversary dinner. Both are loud and the tables are close - not very romantic. We go to Lewnes for special occasions if we want a bit of privacy. They make a wonderful sidecar cocktail and the managers take extra good care of you. They are opening a new section, to expand the seating soon. It's a great spot for steak.

                          1. Our new favorite is the Wild Orchid in Eastport. Yummy, intimate and non-touristy.

                            1. It depends on what you're looking for but I think Yin Yankee is great. It's not as romantic of a spot, pretty small and some of the tables are really close together, but it's a great location right in the heart of downtown, and the food is excellent. Wherever you decide to go, Happy Anniversary!

                              1. Is Northwinds still open? How is the food these days? Thanks...

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                                  Do you mean Northwoods? It is still open. We haven't been for a couple of years but it was always consistently good.