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Mar 6, 2007 08:22 AM

Anniversary Dinner in Annapolis

Husband and I are spending the night in downtown Annapolis for our anniversary. We want a special atmosphere, a great meal and love just about anything (especially sushi or Asian cuisine). Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. I have never eaten hear but I have hear great reviews about the Lemon Grass Thai Resteraunt on West St in Downtown Annapolis!

    1. I second that! Lemon Grass is fantastic! Great venue and excellent food - in walking distance to a few spots for a pre or post dinner cocktail if that is in order.

      1. Best joint for sushi in Annapolis is Joss Cafe on Main street. There's another joint a few doors down, but it's not authentic. Also, there's Tsunami, a pan asian place that also offers some rolls. If you decide not to do asian, then try O'leary's in Eastport.

        A few weeks ago, I ate at Middletons, which was pretty good, but they are not upscale enough for a special occasion.

        1. Luna Blu on West Street is a great choice if you're looking for Italian food in a cozy (though quiet) atmosphere. The food was delicious -- I had a veal dish that came with an amazing four-cheese sauce.

          1. Joss is definitely the place for sushi in Annapolis, but it is very light on atmosphere. Tsunami is an excellent restaurant with a good vibe, but its cooked fish dishes -- and other entrees -- are much better than their sushi. Osteria 177 is a new Italian restaurant that just opened on Main Street and it is excellent -- though not cheap. There's also Picollo Roma on Main Street which is has great atmosphere and good food, though I don't think as good as Osteria. Luna Blu is several rungs down on the quality level compared to these.

            Harry Browne's on State Circle is also an excellent old Annapolis restaurant -- kind of contintental cuisine -- very nice place in a great spot.