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Mar 6, 2007 08:19 AM

Organic Dinner?

Boyfriend and I visiting Baltimore on the 16th- looking for a place with an Organic or all natural menu - fresh seafood is an added bonus.. any place to suggest?

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  1. Only 2 places that I can think of are Liquid Earth ( a vegetarian juice bar) and Great Sage (close to Baltimore) a vegetarian organic place.

      1. there are a number of organic/local farmer-sourced menus being served in DC.


          This is link to recent terrible experiences at True

          1. What about Bicycle in Fed Hill? Great food and service. They serve locally grown food and fresh seafood. Love the seared scallop app.


            Gertrude's at the Baltimore Museum of Art. Great for dinner and brunch. The crab soups are delicious and the seafood salad is loaded with seafood.