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Mar 6, 2007 08:18 AM

ISO: online Rum Cake

I love the rum cakes I buy while on vaca in the Carribean that come in the tin and they are so moist and dark. I've tried my hand at making my own but haven't found a recipe that comes close and plus I am not much of a baker. So does anyone recommend someplace online where I can get what I am looking for. I've done some quick googling and it appears there are plenty of places to order from, just looking for input before I pick one. Thank you.

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  1. I've had this cake many times - delicious - haven't ordered it on line though:

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      Thanks Ruth....I've been wanting to do something special for hubby "just because" and he loves banana and coconut so I've ordered him two of these cakes.

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        Brought home six from Grand Cayman, and everyone was EXTREMELY grateful... and we ordered more. Coconut, plain, and chocolate were the best.

        The rums were good too :-)

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          I received the banana and coconut cakes last week and hubby and I dug into the coconut last night and it was very good. Looking forward to trying the banana. I plan to buy a bunch for Christmas presents for neighbors and the like.

      2. Do you mean the dark (very rich and moist) rum cake? Tortuga is ia light cake(sort of like a chiffon) that is soaked in rum and butter. Try searching under black cake or caribbean fruit cake. Black cake has candied fruit in it but it is ground up so the texture of the cake is smoother.

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          You're right - I'd missed the "dark"' part!

        2. I got a sample for one for the price of postage at that was very moist and delicious. It came in a 4 inch round tin sample size. The Company is Angie's. I'm pretty sure I got the info. from a chowhound in one of the "best cataloge for gifts" to order from during the holidays. It took quite a while to get my sample but well worth the wait, I'd order agian as a gift or for ourselves. Her number is 1-800-322-5452. They're are different choices. The one I got and was reccommened to get was Black something or other, cann't remeber exactly.

          1. I ordered this for a friend and her extended family who are from Jamaica and she said everyone raved about it:


            It was very similar to her wedding cake. In terms of making your own, my friend said her wedding cake had been started something like a year in advance.

            1. A good friend of mine recommended the Bacardi rum cakes which are shipped from the Carribbean. I ordered two chocolate decadence rum cakes for the holidays, one for my mom and the other for my boyfriend's mom. Just to make it more exciting- I melted dark chocolate on top and added raspberries. The cake itself is very dense, moist, and definitely rum soaked! My family easily devoured one; my boyfriend's mom and his uncle finished the other... in about five minutes (a large sweet tooth runs in that family). The site is: