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Mar 6, 2007 08:12 AM

Dinner place in good area for strolling?

Not sure if my subject line makes sense, but what I am looking for is a restaurant recommendation that is in a good area for walking around/seeing things before/after dinner. Last time I was in Manhattan I dined at Artisinal and it was terrific, but it is in a rather dull area (e.g. not much to see/do on the way to/from the restaurant). What I'd like is a restaurant like Artisinal (doesn't have to be French cuisine, but similar quality) in an area that would be fun/romantic to stroll around, maybe stopping in a few places before/after the meal for a drink, window shopping etc. We are staying mid town (6th & 53rd) but it doesn't have to be near the hotel. Any suggestions for restaurants/neighbourhoods that fit this bill? Maybe something in the Meatpacking District? Thanks!!

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    1. Public or Peasant in Nolita. Cobblestone. Independent designer shops. An old church. Can then meander thru Lil italy, soho and east village. And can begin walk w/ tapas at N (33 Crosby St) or some such.

      W. Village is also a good bet. AOC Bedford perhaps. or Wallse.

      1. West Village and Soho are nice areas for a stroll. Both Pastis and Wallse are great suggestions. I would also suggest Balthazar and the new Fig and Olive in the meatpacking district.

          1. Another vote for the W. Village. My favorite place to stroll either before or after a meal.