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Mar 6, 2007 08:10 AM

St. Louis dinner for around 15-18

My colleagues and I are planning a dinner for a Friday night in April. Suggestions so far include King Louie's, Niche, Trattoria Marcella, Copia, Vin de Set, and Sidney Street. Any thoughts on which of these would most comfortably accommodate this size group? Any other suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. Niche is very very small. I would be surprised if they could accomodate a group of that size.

    1. Trattoria Marcella has a curtained-off room that can handle that size.

      1. I was recently in Atomic Cowboy (kind of Tex Mex eclectic), and a group that size had commandeered a large area at the "stage" portion of the place. The table was set up in a kind of large "donut" shape - seemed conducive to conversation. Not at all like the places you mentioned, but these people were having a lot of fun. Funky atmosphere. I'd consider it.

        1. Atomic Cowboy has interesting food, friendly service, and bonfires in the outdoor seating area.