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Sat Night near Charles Street

My husband and I are escaping NYC for an urban-to-urban weekend in Boston. We'll be staying on Charles Street and wanted a recommendation for something fabulous in the area for Sat night (would be nice to be able to stroll there, rather than take a taxi). Preferably something non-ethnic, more local and greenmarket-y (I know -- not really the season). It doesn't have to be super fancy - but we don't mind paying for really great food. We love seafod -- esp. lobster rolls. Small places - lesser know with great food is fine, too. Any suggestions?

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  1. Beacon Hill Bistro and No. 9 Park.

    1. troquet is a little gem and right across the commons.

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        I heard that the seven-course dinner at Troquet is outstanding. I definitely want to get there one of these days.

      2. The federalist- great food and an extensive wine list, the tuna tartar is delicious!- The Fed is 5 blocks up Beacon Street (from the corner of Charles Street)

        On Bowdoin, between Beacon St and Cambridge street is a small, local, but ambitious and tasty restaurant called Grotto- a more unique experience and less corporate than the Federalist. My favorite on their menu now is the "Bacon wrapped apple stuffed duck breast, crispy duck leg, Reggiano potatoes, dried cherries, black truffle aioli and foie gras-Madeira wine sauce" but everything is good.

        Try these links to see which you prefer...



        1. Gosh -- you guys are great! We'll be eating at Beacon Hill Bistro Friday night (as that is where we are staying). I'll check out the others!

          1. The two favorites for lobster rolls and other seafood are B&G Oysters (my personal favorite), in the South End, and Neptune Oysters (the favorite of many Hounds), in the North End. Each is walkable (although not a short walk) on a nice evening or a quick cab ride.

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              Another vote for B&G. This is a great Boston option.

            2. The truffled lobster gnocci, prune-stuffed gnocci, bartenders, servers and atmosphere are superb at #9 Park. Can't miss.

              1. Artu is reasonably priced Italian food and the service is quite good.

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                  True it is reasonably priced- I just don't think it's worth the $12-$23. It's ordinary in the extreme

                2. Another recommendation for Grotto - simply fabulous food, a warm, inviting atmosphere and reasonable prices. Wine list is impressive as well. The short-ribs with gnocchi is heaven on a plate.

                  1. No. 9 Park in a heartbeat for a blow-out meal (though you might want to go to <http://www.no9park.com/> and look into a reservation now, if that's the plan). Simply amazing food, that even slows down my tendency to wolf down everything rapidly.

                    For more human level prices, Beacon Hill Bistro, 75 Chestnut and Panificio are all excellent choices on Charles Street itself. 75 Chestnut has some nice mid-priced alternatives including a quite tasty burger-fries and some interesting twists on the basics, like a first rate chowder, excellent salads. Panificio was my neighborhood place when I lived in the Hill, and in some 10 years I have yet to have a bad meal there.

                    1. Have been going to Panificio for years- I agree, it's delicious and a really nice neighborhood spot- it's owned by the Spagnuolo family- specifically Chris, who you can often find serving tables and counter customers himself. 75 Chestnut is a step up from the family feel of Panificio and has a full bar if you would like an after dinner cocktail also the food at 75 is much more ambitious with tasty results