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Smoothie recipe without Banana?

I've never made smoothies as I don't like bananas. I don't like the taste, nor the texture of bananas. Does anyone have a good smoothie recipe that doesn't use them???
I love all other fruits!!

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  1. Sure - you could use apricots, mangoes, strawberries and mix them with yogurt. Here's an Apple Pie Smoothie..


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    Tropical Smoothie
    Serving Size : 4

    2 1/2 cups pineapple juice -- unsweetened
    1 cup strawberries -- sliced
    1 banana -- sliced OR
    mango -- diced OR
    papaya -- diced OR

    * If using mangos or papaya, make sure they are ripe.

    1. Peel and dice the fruit.
    2. Have the pineapple juice well-chilled.
    3. Combine all ingredients in a blender. Puree until thick and very smooth. Serve in a glass garnished with a whole strawberry and perhaps a mint sprig.

    1. just buy some frozen berries or frozen cut up fruit and then throw it in a blender with some orange juice, yogurt, soy milk, or milk. I always like mine with soy milk

      1. So far sounds good ....do either of you add ice to the mixture...Is ice necessary? I'm just happy not to have to add bananas lol

        1. If you're using frozen berries or other fruit, ice is not necessary. If they're fresh, I would add something frozen (makes it thicker), like frozen yogurt. I like making green tea smoothies: 1/2 c or so plain frozen yogurt(no sugar--I make my own), 2 tsp green tea powder, soya milk, 1 Tbs maple syrup, whip it up in the blender.

          1. Ahhh I get it...I'm keenly interested in making a few so ...Yes the frozen factor now makes sense to me. Thanks bubbles!!

            1. Another strategy is to freeze some plain or vanilla yogurt in an ice cube tray. Once frozen, pop them into a plastic bag and store in the freezer for whenever you want to make a smoothie. Just throw in as many cubes as you need - will thicken even a smoothie with unfrozen fruit.

              1. There are a couple ways to make a nice creamy smoothie.. Usually, people use bananas.. but instead, you can use mangos, silken tofu, or yogurt. Add to those any type of frozen fruit (or fresh fruit and ice) you like, juice, milk or soymilk, and any sweetener if it needs it. You can also add nut butters for more creaminess.

                1. Avocado is another way to make it smooth. The flavor is often masked by the other fruits.

                  1. Frozen melon makes a surprisingly creamy smoothie, and is a great background for stronger flavored fruits like berries.

                    1. I hate bananas too!

                      To second some other recs, yogurt (esp. Greek/Total) works well to thicken. Cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, and quark work equally as well. Varying the flavor of yogurts you use can obviously open up to a myriad of flavor combinations.

                      I actually made an interesting smoothie the other day using fresh persimmons (LOVE 'EM) and seemed to need less yogurt to thicken; the pulpiness of the persimmons added good thickness. Peaches and Pumpkin seem to have a similar effect as well.... Pumpkin pie smoothie (pumpkin, vanilla or plain yogurt, pumpkin pie spice, brown sugar, graham cracker crumbs)

                      1. For smoothies, I like to use the frozen pineapple and frozen mango available in the same section of the store as frozen berries. I think they are a Dole product. I whirl it in the blender with a small(4 oz) container of non fat yogurt and lots of ice cubes. For extra protein and to make the smoothie thicker, I sometimes add a scoop of cottage cheese, as mentioned by another chowhound.

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                          Ohhhhhhh that does sound good...thanks for the suggestion...Pineapple, mango, yogurt and ice..Mmmm ok..This smoothie novice is off to the market Thanks

                        2. Frozen yogurt, vanilla ice cream can sub for banana. Still achieve a rich, creamy smoothie.

                          Most beginner smoothies are strawberries, o-juice and ice.

                          1. you can use peanut butter and oats and milk and a touch of vanilla and ice and blend-peanut punch--very good