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Roland Park carryout suggestions

As much as I enjoy Petit Louis, I'm not quite ready to drop another $150 on dinner for two. Does anyone have any suggestions for great carryout convenient to Roland Park (no more than 15 minutes away)? All cuisine types considered. Looking for a nice dinner to settle in with while watching a DVD.


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  1. I like the Chinese food at Chow Mein Charlie's on Cold Spring Lane. It's high-quality, for sure. Definitely not as fancy as Petit Louis but good for sitting in front of the tv.

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      With all due respect, it's my personal opinion that Chow Mein Charlie's is the worst Chinese restaurant in the city. I'd recommend avoiding.

      People like Tamber's, FWIW. Not great food, but they have a large selection. Agree with Bella Roma. The Sushi place on the north side of the 36th had pretty decent donburi; haven't tried their sushi though. And the Indian place on I think 25th is pretty good too.

      Of course, you can always go to the Wine Source to get a great bottle of wine and some cheese and call it an evening.

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        Which Chinese food takeout do you like, BmoreHound? I tend to avoid getting Chinese food altogether until I'm home from college in northern NJ because I think it's pretty much all gross in Baltimore. Chow Mein Charlie's seems the freshest of what I've tried. I like Cafe Zen too, but it's too far to just get takeout.

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          I usually go to Ding How. The other place to go is Golden Gate Noodle House, although you have to stick to their Chinese food (e.g., won ton noodle soup) and not the "American" chinese food.

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            Szechuan House in Lutherville is excellent!

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              BTW, scratch the Golden Gate suggestion as it apparently has closed. Wow.

      2. Holy Frijoles on the Avenue in Hampden has take-out. Bella Roma on the corner of 36th and Falls Road is good for Italian.

        I am also usually pretty happy with deli sandwiches from Eddie's.

        1. Nam Kang on Maryland at 22d for good Korean. Angelos on Keswick for thin crust pizza.

          1. The Dogwood Deli in Hampden on the Avenue has gourmet dinners and sandwichs to go:


            1. I agree with BmoreHound on Chow Mein Charlie's; ina city of bad Chineses takeout, it's near the bottom. Carryout in RP itself is generally poor. The stuff at Eddie's is OKplus, Bella Roma has good "American" pizza. have to try Dogwood's. I don't really care for Holy Frijoles, either. Best bet--buy elsewhere.

                1. I'm not thrilled with Bella Roma, I get pizza from the Hopkins Deli!

                  1. The Chinese place on Cold Spring is quite bad. For good Chinese carryout I do recommend the No. 1 Chinese Kitchen on the corner of Roland and 39th near the Rotunda. It's a hole in the wall Chinese carryout place, and not very appealing from the outside, but the food is consistently good and while you won't find any surprises, is free from grease and oil. No. 1 is popular with Hopkins students, so I have been told.

                    Another suggestion is Cafe Zen on East Belvedere near York Road/Belvedere Market. It has been around for some years now, but offers excellently prepared American Chinese food. A tad bit on the rich side, but worth going to every now and then.

                    It is surprising that a neighborhood like Roland Park/North Baltimore doesn't have more moderately priced ethnic restaurants, especially Thai restaurants. The nearest one is Thai REstaurant on Greenmount near 34th. Rough area, but some of the best Thai in the city, but it is slightly more expensive than your typical carryout place.

                    1. Thanks for all the suggestions. Wound up going to 2 places. Started at the Dogwood Deli. I'm not sure if this place is quite ready for prime time. I think they can handle about 1 customer and hour at that take out counter. Any more and they kind of seem overwhelmed. Didn't seem to be too many take out options for dinner. There were sandwiches and such, but I kind of wanted something more substantial for dinner. Ordered pickled beets, mediterranean cous cous with grilled veggies, and romaine/arugla salad with a parmesan dressing just to give some of the stuff a try. Food was OK but not a whole lot better than what you can get at Eddie's. I want this place to do well, but it still seems like a work in progress to me.

                      Because I realized that I didn't have quite enough for dinner for my wife and me I got veggie taquitos and nachos from Holy Frijoles. The taquitos were very good, but the nachos were just those generic take out nachos that I had many a night while in college (many years ago). I also got a nice dose of second hand smoke in there - uugh.

                      Still find myself in search of good carryout. Best thing I have had recently is the cheese steak and fries at S'ghetti Eddies (hate that name). It sort of sad that the company that runs the place seems to be taking over that enclave (Miss Shirley's, Alonso's, Loco Hombre, etc.), but the food was prepared promtly (ready in 5-10 min), pretty good, and traveled well.

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                        What is the name of the Coffee Shop nest to Miss Shirley's?

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                          It used to be called the Daily Grind, but I think now it's called the Evergreen.

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                          Depressing, indeed. Symptomatic of B'More that a very upscale neighborhood like RP cant get better carryout than S'ghetti Eddie's and No 1 Chinese.

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                            Let me add my Homeland perspective to this thread. Overall, I agree that an affluent part of town should have much better options.

                            I agree with the #! chinese rec. Not great, but always good and consistent. They also deliver and that is a big plus.

                            I used to be a fan of Bella Roma,but not any more. I am not sure if it has to do with them using a conveyer system now, but that is possible. In Hamden, I think Angelo's on the other end of 36th (corner of Keswick) is much better, but you have to get a whole pie- they have them ":big slice" which is novel, but not the same pizza.

                            I am also a big fan of Vitos on Your road, both thier pizza and subs are currently my favorite. Pei Wei , right next door is also an inexepnsive chain Asian option.

                            Sushi Hana in laek falls, is a good takeout sushi option, but theyt are new and croded, so be prepared to wait a bit.

                            Lastly- the Belvedere Market- Cierellos in particluar has some good prepared options. Of course they tend to close early.

                            Hope this is helpful, we really need some new options...

                        2. Atwater's is our overwhelmingly favorite take-out place in northern Baltimore city.

                          The only other options for us are One World Cafe (take-out sure beats the painfully slow service and blah dining room), Ikan Sushi (also at Belv. Square), Cafe Zen and Egyptian Pizza.

                          1. I recommend you stay in, pick up the phone and call Angelo's for subs and pizza to be delivered piping hot to your door. Angelo's is at the corner of 36th and Keswick and we've never been disappointed. Reasonable price for high-quality food (my fave is the italian cold cut with everything). Call them tonight!

                            1. I live in generally the same area as you and have a few places that have worked for me recently:

                              Kabab Stop on Falls Rd. (Indian food) was recommended to me in a recent thread on delivery places and I was happy with my two meals from there.

                              Egyptian Pizza near Belvedere market also does delivery and carry-out. I had a falafel pita which was tasty and my wife liked her pizza from there.

                              Sista Sandra's on Riesertown Rd. is a little farther and I've only tried it for lunch, but I think they're open for dinner. It's BBQ / soul food. I've gotten carry-out from there 5 or 6 times and it's been consistently good.

                              Also in the BBQ vein, i can make Big Bad Wolf's or Andy Nelson's in about 15 minutes, but that depends on how you drive :)

                              I've also called in an order for carry-out from Sushi Hana's new location on Falls Road. Again, this was at lunch which was less busy than I've seen them at dinner, so I'm not sure how well they handle a dinner carry-out.

                              1. I frequent the same conumdrum often. Here are my fav's not already mentioned
                                -Soup & sandwich's from Carma's on 32nd
                                -Sandwich's from ChocolaTea in the Ambassador
                                -Carribean: Veggie Roti- Trinidad Gourment on 31st
                                - Cheese and Tomato Panini @ Evergreen
                                -Thai from Thai Restaurant on Greenmount- however I think they are a little skimpy in their take out meat and veggie protions
                                -Chinese Cafe Zen or Asian taste on 36th(in a city of bad Chinese it is good delivery)

                                * Tamber's is a great feeling indecisive choice- they got it all including killer milkshakes

                                1. I really like the food at the Evergreen, especially the curried chicken salad. The quiche is delicious, though a bit rich for me. Desserts are good, too, & you can get Zeke's coffee. Also, it's a great funky hang-out cafe. The Evergreen is on the corner of Cold Spring & Keswick, across from Sam's bagels--but since you're from Roland Park, you already know that!

                                  1. Alonso's/Loco Hombre has carryout (upscale mexican, BIG burgers, pizza, salads, etc.) as does S'ghetti Eddies. There plenty of options at Belvedere Square as well. Roland Park has some pretty strict zoning ordinances, so there aren't many areas where small businesses can open - that might be a reason the selection is sparse. But, that is also part of the charm of Roland Park, if you ask me...

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                                      It's no secret that Baltimore as a whole is underserviced. This is generally due to the high crime rate most of the city struggles with. So it comes as a surprise that the wealthiest and safest neighborhood is just as underserviced if not more so than the rest of the city.

                                      Also I mentioned this in another thread, but Alonso's/Loco Hombre/Miss Shirley's/S'ghetti Eddies are outrageously overpriced for the type of food they serve. $15 for a Cheesesteak? I've been to Miss Shirley's on the weekend and the place was absolutely packed - so much so that they had a huge room (which they could have just put tables in) for people to wait in to get a table. So it doesn't seem that the volume of business is the problem. Does anyone know what's the deal with these places?

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                                        Supply and demand explains it. there's not a whole lot in the area, in large part due to zoning and covenants, the Alonzo's group has monopolized the prime spots (and I have never cared for thier burger--too big to cook properly), and a well-to-do clientele that does not want to go 15 minutes for dinner. Moreover, parking is difficult on 36th st where there is some good stuff. Perfect recipe for over-priced, mediocre food. Vote with your feet; dont eat at the Alonzo's group.

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                                          Oh man. So they're essentially the Standard Oil of Cold Spring Lane? Now one restaurant group owning 3 (and 1/2) restaurants adjacent to one another makes sense. I agree - people should avoid these Banditos of Mediocrity.

                                          Also, it's pretty stupid that a city with as depressed a tax base as Baltimore puts up impediments to businesses opening in its wealthiest corridor which would bring in more tax revenue themselves as well as create more jobs and payroll taxes. But I guess this isn't the only stupid thing the City does.

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                                            I try to steer clear of Alonsoville, especially since parking is a pain and there's nothing worth eating at any of the restaurants except at Evergreen. My husband and I actually like to get Indian from Belvedere Towers Cafe- its good, cheap, and they deliver (a rarity in RP!).

                                    2. You could probably get carry out from McCabes on Falls Rd. Good standby place with great crabcakes