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Mar 6, 2007 07:51 AM

Roland Park carryout suggestions

As much as I enjoy Petit Louis, I'm not quite ready to drop another $150 on dinner for two. Does anyone have any suggestions for great carryout convenient to Roland Park (no more than 15 minutes away)? All cuisine types considered. Looking for a nice dinner to settle in with while watching a DVD.


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  1. I like the Chinese food at Chow Mein Charlie's on Cold Spring Lane. It's high-quality, for sure. Definitely not as fancy as Petit Louis but good for sitting in front of the tv.

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    1. re: ryssiebee

      With all due respect, it's my personal opinion that Chow Mein Charlie's is the worst Chinese restaurant in the city. I'd recommend avoiding.

      People like Tamber's, FWIW. Not great food, but they have a large selection. Agree with Bella Roma. The Sushi place on the north side of the 36th had pretty decent donburi; haven't tried their sushi though. And the Indian place on I think 25th is pretty good too.

      Of course, you can always go to the Wine Source to get a great bottle of wine and some cheese and call it an evening.

      1. re: BmoreHound

        Which Chinese food takeout do you like, BmoreHound? I tend to avoid getting Chinese food altogether until I'm home from college in northern NJ because I think it's pretty much all gross in Baltimore. Chow Mein Charlie's seems the freshest of what I've tried. I like Cafe Zen too, but it's too far to just get takeout.

        1. re: ryssiebee

          I usually go to Ding How. The other place to go is Golden Gate Noodle House, although you have to stick to their Chinese food (e.g., won ton noodle soup) and not the "American" chinese food.

          1. re: BmoreHound

            Szechuan House in Lutherville is excellent!

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              BTW, scratch the Golden Gate suggestion as it apparently has closed. Wow.

      2. Holy Frijoles on the Avenue in Hampden has take-out. Bella Roma on the corner of 36th and Falls Road is good for Italian.

        I am also usually pretty happy with deli sandwiches from Eddie's.

        1. Nam Kang on Maryland at 22d for good Korean. Angelos on Keswick for thin crust pizza.

          1. The Dogwood Deli in Hampden on the Avenue has gourmet dinners and sandwichs to go:


            1. I agree with BmoreHound on Chow Mein Charlie's; ina city of bad Chineses takeout, it's near the bottom. Carryout in RP itself is generally poor. The stuff at Eddie's is OKplus, Bella Roma has good "American" pizza. have to try Dogwood's. I don't really care for Holy Frijoles, either. Best bet--buy elsewhere.