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Mar 6, 2007 07:45 AM

NY Dining with Teens

Help Hunds! My sis, bil and kids are heading to theater district for 5 nights. They are going to Ellen's Stardust(I know) but need other recommendations for places to eat in the area. I am hoping to provide them with some great Italian places that won't break the bank.
They are willing to travel a bit. I have given them names of some places we like like Red Cat, Pearl and Mary's Fish Camp. Any ideas you can provide are much appreciated.

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  1. Stand (Hamburgers and the best shakes ever!). Not sure of the address but close to Union Square. Also, in the same area is Max Brenner! Look them up, the teens will love them both!

    1. Carmine's (on 44th just west of TSquare) is not my kind of place, but a lot of people like the family-style servings of huge portions of Italian-American food. Noisy and busy, just about all the time. Families with teens might also want to try Virgil's BBQ, also on 44th but east of TSquare. Again, there's better bbq in the city (Dinosaur, RUB, Daisy May's), but Virgil's is perfectly OK, and family friendly (lots of big tables for groups, faux roadhouse atmosphere, etc.). If they feel like a jaunt, tell them to take the 1 from TS uptown to 125th St., then walk west a couple of blocks to Dinosaur BBQ. Great wings, good ribs, and a fun atmosphere.

      My favorite Italian restaurant in the area is Roberto Passon on 50th and 9th - excellent food, reasonable prices (but ask for the prices on specials, if you're thinking of ordering one, as they can be higher than the regular menu items).

      1. Daisy May's is in the Theater District area, on 11th Av. & 46th St. It used to be mainly take-out. But a few months ago, they expanded and now have seating. It's cafeteria-style service. I haven't been yet, but as you note, the consensus is that the bbq there is excellent.

        Agree about Robert Passon. -

        Another favorite Italian restaurant in that area is Cascina. Delicious food; good service; nice, rustic atmospherics; and moderate prices.

        If they want to try Greek food, there's Uncle Nick's, on 9th Av., b/t 50th & 51st Sts. Everything's well-prepared, service is efficient, the taverna-style setting is pleasant, and prices are reasonable.

        1. In the Times Sq/Theater District area I would also highly recommend John's Pizzeria on 44th Street for groups, and particularly groups with teens. The brick oven pizza is outstanding, not your typical slice joint, and you can easily walk away well fed without breaking the bank at all.