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Mar 6, 2007 07:42 AM

Saturday night drink, maybe a small bite to eat

I'll be downtown on Saturday night with my wife and parents. We've got a party that will end on the earlier side (we're much younger than the others), so we were thinking we'd grab a drink and maybe a tiny bite to eat afterwards. Downtown would be our preference because that's where we're staying. Can you recommend any cool places to get a drink and talk? I would prefer something on the quieter side so that we can chat. Price is not a concern. We're just looking for something cool and quiet. Any tips?

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  1. If wine rather than cocktails would be okay, I would recommend Cav. It really isn't downtown, but it isn't that far away.

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      We took this recommendation and it was perfect. We were up that way already, so it was an easy trip over to Cav. And parking was easy. We had a couple bottles of wine, some of the cheese, and the sweet potato fries to nosh on. The cheese was well presented, though the brillat-savarin was a touch too cold for my tastes. The sweet potato fries were not very good and I think the presentation was to blame. They were served fairly warm and somehow the steam made all the fries a bit limp. I think the tall glass that they were presented in was to blame -- it trapped all the steam. The wine selection was excellent and the atmosphere was really nice because we could have a conversation, but it was not so quiet that it felt dead in there. Really nice place. I'd go back.

    2. The lobby bar at the St. Regis has small plates prepared by Ame and a beautiful lounge area. It's on the pricey side, but it makes for quite a special evening.
      You can see more here:

      1. Hidden Vine is always cozy and quiet.

        WINE Bar & Shop is dead quiet on the weekends. Note that March 17 will likely be an exception due to the next block being ground zero of the St. Patrick's Day drunkabration.

        1. I love going to the Ritz Carlton for cocktails and little bites. They have a great lobby lounge, service is great, and, depending on how late you stay, they have a jazz singer that starts around 9:30pm (I believe the piano player starts at 5 or 6pm). The lounge has a luxe, Old World atmosphere and is on the quieter side.

          1. The lounge at The Four Seasons is very pleasant ... especially if you don't care about price.