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Mar 6, 2007 07:36 AM

cooking pork ribs - they seem to have very slight odor to them

Is this normal? I don't cook much pork so this may be what pork smells like. I bought them shrink wrapped from the grocery store a few weeks ago and put them right into the freezer. I'm pregnant so slightly more paranoid about it.

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  1. I find that when they are shrink wrapped they always smell a bit off. I usually just wash them off and it seems to help.Get rid of the shrink wrap too if it is still in your garbage area.

    1. How's the color? Looks are sometimes a good indicator of freshness.

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      1. re: Mickey Blue

        Color was perfectly rosy. They are in the crockpot now and they smell pretty good with a slight slight undertone of meatiness. I'm feeling very crazy right now, but i am 8 months pregnant!

      2. I personally find that pork matter how fresh it is or how it was packaged. I'm pretty sure that smell is just the natural pork smell. But (small caveat) it's really pretty slight I guess since adding most seasoning masks it. And of course once I actually get the meat cooking the smell fades.

        1. did it smell kind of sulfury...that indicates the pork was turning. How "slimey was it. Very also indicates starting to turn. Pork usuually has a slightly off smell right when u break the cryovac seal. If that smell was pungent after packaging was removed.....I probably wouldn't eat it 8 months preg if u have any doubts. I got samonella poisoning when preg and it was ROUGH>

          1. I recently defrosted some pork ribs I'd frozen away (straight from the grocery) and I recall a slight "funny" smell when I opened the package. I think that's pretty common, and as long as the smell isn't overpowering or really rank, I think that's fine-

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              Yeah, any initially slimy feel that rinses off easily with cold water is just from contact between meat and plastic - if you were wrapped up like that you'd be a bit slimy and smelly yourself!

              I know the meat industry has come in for a lot of abuse lately, much of it well deserved, but most meat-handlers these days are very well versed in and observant of sanitary procedures. I trust those cryovac packages a heck of a lot more than I do my own cleanliness!