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Mar 6, 2007 07:14 AM

Any "classic diners" near downtown DC?

I'm looking for 12" tall slices of cake here people...

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  1. Hmmm. I know there's a couple of decent diners in Arlington. The Silver Diner in Clarendon and Route 29 Diner on Lee Highway.

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      Bob & Edith's on Columbia Pike for the last 10 yrs or more. Family owned and wonderful owners. Both, food and service are good. Real diner feel. Silver diner has more choices, but very franchise feel now that it has become a chain restarurant. Downtown Bethesda and Wheaton also has some old diners that are great in Md. Oh, and I almost forgot about D.C., there is a little diner type place next to Herrington Hotel by Metro Center area around Penn ave & F OR E.

    2. Bob and Edith's on Columbia Pike in Arlington and Tastee Diner a block from the Silver Spring Metro may nto be gourmet food but are classic greasy spoon diner. As they have no pretensions, they are also pretty cheap.

      1. The Waffle Shop on 10th street (btwn E and F). It's not your standard Greek-American diner, and I can't speak to their dessert section. It's a 50's style coffee shop with a curvy counter. It's a very unique place, serves standard breakfast and hamburger fare, and may not last much longer.


        1. I haven't lived in the area for five years, but I had two favorites that were fairly close in style to the Greek diners I grew up with in New Jersey --
          Four Seasons on Van Dorn St. in Alexandria.
          Amphora Diner Deluxe on Eldon Street in Herndon, near Dulles Airport.
          Both had excellent food, including "all baking done on premises" desserts.
          The Silver Diners, mentioned in previous posts are pale imitations by comparison.

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            The Four Seasons Diner on Van Dorn was torn down a couple of years ago to make room for a bank, I think. It was never a classic, just another lousy place opened by the people who own the Amphora in Vienna. The Silver Diners are a chain, hardly qualifying as "classic."

            On the other hand, there is Bob and Edith's on Columbia Pike in Arlington, the original, which is everything you'd ever want in a diner that's been around forever and has no pretension. Hell, it hardly has a menu .............

          2. Sorry about multiple postings. I was attempting to edit.