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Mar 6, 2007 07:11 AM

Dinner with v. pregnant woman

Having dinner next week with my friend who is several weeks from giving birth. Looking for someplace comfortable, with tasty food, preferably near Broadway and 20th. Budget = probably $15 or less for entrees. Is that neighborhood called Grammercy?

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  1. The neighborhood sounds like it is more flatiron than grammercy and although there are great restaurants around there it is hard to come up with any comfortable spots in that price range.
    Via Emilia is a good itialian on 21st between Bway and park. I haven't been to this new location, but you could probably find dishes below $15.
    A bit south there is Mrquette a lovely homey neighborhood place 12 between University and 5th. There is also a homey Korean place on 13th btween unversity and 5th.(name escapes me but it is on the south side, up a few stairs, very comfy and inexpensive),

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      I think we are going to go to Via Emilia (unless, of course, our date gets cancelled). Thanks for the help!

    2. How about thre St. Vincents Hospital cafeteria just to play it safe?

      1. Word to the wise. . .guard your food like a ravenous dog. When I was that pregnant I wouldn't consider it inappropriate to snatch food off a stranger's neighboring table. Hopefully your dinner guest will be a little more civilized. But it was my experience that nothing can hold back a hungry woman when she is 8-months pregnant.

        1. City Bakery on 18th Street off 5th

          1. I haven't been in a while, but La Pizza Fresca on 20th Street was good. Should be roughly in that price range.