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Mar 6, 2007 06:19 AM

Newport RI - any recent recs?

I'm thinking about a long weekend in Newport sometime in the near future (maybe the end of the month), and I'm not finding a lot of recent posts. Can anybody make a few recommendations? The last time we were there was 1994, so anything would be new to us, all I remember was the dinner train (ok, it seemed like a good idea at the time). Price is not a problem, most cuisines are fine (well, we aren't big on Indian or Vietnamese), no food allergies or major food aversions. Someplace where we could split a bottle of wine and linger over dinner before sauntering back to a harborside hotel would be ideal.

Not 100% sure about this plan yet, but some good recs might make the difference! Thanks!

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  1. I'm still a big lover of Puerini's. Consistent and delish.

    1. I highy recommend Mamma Luisa's in Newport. Excellent food and a good selection of wine.

      1. Try these: The Clark Cooke House, Spark, Salvation Cafe, Cafe Zelda, Tuckers (romantic)... and if you are up for a 25min drive DeWolf Tavern in Bristol (but they do have a little bit of an Indian twist).

        1. Restaurant Bouchard (on Thames street) is a wonderful, quaint, romantic, authentic French restaurant and Inn. I took my wife there for our anniversery and we had an exceptional meal:

          1. Restaurant Bouchard is one of my favorite, most romantic places to eat. I highly recommend it. Also, the West Deck. I have always been very satisfied there.