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Mar 6, 2007 06:17 AM

Totoraku-(Teriyaki House on Pico)

Well it's happened, we finally cracked the "code".
Last night for the first time we entered the Temple of Japanese BBQ.
As most people know just getting a resy at this place is practically the same as French Laundry, not easy! In fact there are all types of Horror Stories on this board about reservation attempts that failed.
We were invited by a "Regular" of this establishment and presto we were in!

OMG! and keep in mind we were just at URASAWA a week ago for the um-tee-nth time.
Totoraku has to be the finest example of Premium Japanese BBQ on the Planet.
I'm not going to bore you with the details about how the Several types of Steaks melt in your mouth and are served in large quantities. Let's not forget the several Colossal King Crab Legs floating in a wonderful Soup at the end of this 3+ hour festival of food. Some Highlights were the Perfect slices of tongue, raw liver, amazing Short rib.

The wines (bybo, no corkage charge) that we enjoyed last night were Ch D' Pape (blanc), 02 & 94 Insignia, 00 & 82 Pichon , all went well with the food.
As the meal was coming to a close I looked up and saw a familiar face, Gino Angelini with a large group of friends cooking Japanese Style which is a long way from his Italian Roots. He seemed very pleased with the Quality of the Food, who wouldn't be?

Our friends who were nice enough to invite us made the whole evening special by celebrating a birthday which was when the Chef (Oyama) appeared. First thing we did was offer him a glass of the 82', he loved it! This was immediately followed by him handing me his "Special Private Business Card" with the words that were music to my ears (call anytime and you in). If you find a way to get a resy, plan on bringing a large Piggy Bank because the finest doesn't come cheap! $150 pp ++++, it's kind of like a junior Urasawa?

Totoraku Teriyaki House Pico
10610 W Pico Blvd (Cross Street: Manning Avenue)
Los Angeles, CA 90064View Map
(310) 838-9881

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  1. Sounds like quite the feast, Russ. Raw liver? Was it made into a tartar type of dish or some other way? How were the short ribs done? Long, slow braising? I had the short ribs at Celadon on 3rd and they were almost like a short rib pudding they had been cooked so long and were such delicious cut of beautiful meat-a-tude.

    1. The liver is served raw and is to be eaten as sashimi (first picture)

      The short ribs are marinated and you cook them on the hibachi.

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      1. re: lizziee

        Lizziee , your a god send. Nice pic's. R

      2. isn't this the place with really cheap happy hour dinner?

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        1. Hey, I think you may have just helped me "crack the code". A friend of a friend knows Gino Angelini well... I can probably secure a reservation through him. Thanks :)

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          1. sounds awesome, any hope for hound dinner there.

            and do you have to eat everything (as in no raw liver but everything else). this is the place that looks like a dump from the outside