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Need Ft. Laud dining option for 15

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We have a group coming to Las Olas area. Looking for early-dinner option on a Friday night near 17th Street. Might be nice to take the water taxi somewhere or even better, dinner on the beach. Any thoughts? 10 adults, five little kids (under 7). Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. mabye Bimini Boatyard on 17th St, i think - not on the ocean, but on one of the canals, i think. or perhaps, Casablanca Cafe on AIA in between Sunrise & Los Olas - right across from the ocean.

    1. we're going to bimini for brunch on sunday. so casablanca cafe is kid-friendly?
      thank you!

      1. Not totally kid friendly (a little crowded) and across A1A from the beach so it's not like the kids'll be running in the sand while the adults dine. Do you care about the quality of the food, or you just want to feed 15?

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          yes, quality of food is important. i talked to casablance and since we're going really early (5:30), they said no problem with the kids. how's the food? any if you have another suggestion, that would be great, too.

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            the food is good at casablanca cafe, but not cheap!

        2. casablanca is not good or cheap...try anthonys coal fired pizza....make sure you get the wings and try an eggplant marino pizza along with one ot two other specialty pies...get some plain (cheese) pizza for the kids...everyone will be happy!!!

          1. sounds good, but really want to stay within las olas/beach area. people want to take the water taxi to the restaurant.

            1. then i would go to himmarshee or tarpon bend....tarpon bend is more casual and has a kids menu...both in the historic district near downtown accessable by the water taxi...other options on las olas might be japanese village (hibachi) or zucca (which has a pasta bar). i am trying to give you options that have good food but that will also take good care of the 5 kids, not always an easy task, as i am sure you know.