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dinner @ globe bistro

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it was a bit of a surprise visit to globe on a cold toronto evening. i had heard alot of good things bout globe bistro the decor and the new chef who has worked at far niente.

so we entered and promptly assisted to our seat the hostess was polite and curteous. the menu was a nice looking menu indeed keeping it local and i couldnt wait to try the roasted bone marrow and foie gras,crisp sourdough and frozen grapes and my friend decided to with the twice cooked porkbelly and scallops.the also had porklion on the menu for main cousres which i found a bit strange!
so on deciding of the wine we had to wait a bit for our waiter to take our order and our wine selection which i found a bit strange as it was not that busy.so far not impressed with the sevice.the freshly baked bread was nice not sure bout the dip the provided it was said to be a roast pepper dip but it was a roast pepper hummous to me!
anyway we got our appetizers swiftly my foie gras and bone marrow was nicely presented but to my surprise the was no roasted foie gras and it clearly stated on the menu roasted bone marrow and foie gras, instead the foie gras came in a mousse that stuffed the bone and the marrow was nicely seared beside it.the menu didnt represent what i got which was a little dissapointing as i am a lover of foie gras.nevertheless foie gras is foie gras so i was instructed by the waiter to coat the sourdough croute with the foie gras mousse and toped with the roasted marrow.so a new comer to the globe i done as instructed.now for me the foie gras mousse lacked a bit of foie gras.it had more of a creamy texture and only a little foie gras, back to the drawing board chef!now for this dish wasnt exactly a safe money bet i liked the contrast of the frozen grape and the marrow but the foie gras mousse for me ruined the dish and i wasnt alone my company agreed. her pork belly was nicly cooked scallops were good nicely seared but lacked a bit of seasoning all round!over all the idea is there but just lacking those little touches that could make a dish ok to wow!

for the mains i had the caribou leg winter kale goats cheese souffle and cocoa sauce and my friend had the beef onglet potatoe hash and smoked veal tongue. i was quite excited when i seen foie gras and caribou on the same menu i was sold straight away. so after a little disappointment on my foie i had high hopes for my caribou it was cooked nicely and was tender and not some gamey,nice i thought,the saucier must had forgot the cocoa but it was a nice veal jus.my friend was happy with her beef onglet and really liked the smoked veal tongue.as i sampled it had a nice texture and didnt over power any of the dish job well done! but as for my goats cheese souffle it should have been described as a goats cheese cake or bead pudding even it was heavy and dull and didnt add anything to my nicely cooked caribou. so again wording of the menu and what i actually got were a little different but it was nice caribou.

at this stage the restaurant was filling up and the word was getting round bout globe bistro. the decor was nicely done.everybody seemed to be happy. i like the open kitchen the have there just a shame it wasnt facing the custumers!!

and to finish we had a selection of italian cheeses now why on earth would u have all italian cheeses when ur menu is based on canadian produce? havent discovered canadian cheeses? canadian cheeses are to be fair are up there with the french now im not canadian and i am not french but if u are supporting local guys like cookstown greens and local cheesemongers why not have canadian cheese?

anyway the cheese selection was nice and not sure bout the dried fig compote whats wrong with fresh?not a grape to be seen, but only sliced apple and pear!

to be totally honest i would go back but i would be cautious. price wise it was ok for wine and dinner it came to $150 service not included. all in all its new establishment and has a few things to be ironed out but i did enjoy the company and the atmosphere.

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  1. I was also very excited to try Globe. We saw the Opening Soon episode about the restaurant and live only a couple of blocks away. We used to go to Cafe Brussel (where Globe now is) a few times a year. I know the menu at Cafe Brussel wasn't particularly exciting but it was consistent and the service was usually pretty good and friendly.

    Finally got to Globe a few weeks ago and to give it the benefit of the doubt, maybe we hit it on an off (really off) night.

    I feel guilty writing this, but we were incredibly disappointed in both the service and the food. The server would not look at us when he was talking, he slammed our plates down when the food came and didn't remove the main course plates for forty minutes after we had finished. When we asked him a question...he turned and walked away, so that we could not hear his answer. It was almost comical that he appeared to be so hostile.

    We had a crab empanada and gnochi to start. The empanada was ok, a little salty. I didn't like the gnochi, it was in a watery mushroom broth which didn't seem complementary...but maybe that was just me.

    I reserve my main criticism for the main course. My friend and I both had the pickerel (the menu is very meat based and we don't eat much meat). The pieces of pickerel were tough with a fatty layer that had to be peeled off, it was almost inedible. It came on a bed of undercooked, watery rice. Neither of us could eat much of it but it was my friend's birthday so I didn't want to make an issue of it.

    Though neither of us had really touched the meal, the server never asked us how it was. I asked him if he would hand me the bill directly as I wanted to pay (instead of my friend) - he placed the bill on the table nearer to my friend than me.

    I was really hoping that it would be a great neighbourhood spot but I can't see coming back here unless I hear it has changed. Some people do seem to have had good experiences here though.

    The renovation was nice!

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      We were there just last weekend and have great experience for the most part. My husband and I shared the Charcuterie for 2 as an app - which I thought was alright, but not earh shattering. I did, however, love my lamb main. It's listed on the menu as caribou leg, but the season is over. Delicous, tender, perfectly cooked. My husband got a special involving pig 3 ways, which was not bad, but not as good as my lamb.

      Our one complaint is that our server was very good at first, but then kinda drifted out of sight and was nowhere to be seen when I was in desperate need of a water refill for a good 15 minutes during the meal.

      Overall - a good exprience. I'd go back.