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Mar 6, 2007 06:04 AM

Suggestions for School Breakfast

Well, it's family breakfast time at my daughter's school again. I'm trying to break the muffin and bagel habit that seems to be the norm and would love suggestions on what to make and take. I took a Spanish Tortilla for the last one and it was a great hit!

- Something cold. I'll make it the previous afternoon.
- Something breakfast-ish. Egg based would be nice but not essential.
- Kid friendly (six year olds) would be nice as well.
- Serveable in bite size servings.

Ideas and recipes? Thanks!

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    1. I know that this is close to a muffin or bagel, but I just found this recipe for bacon and egg and cheddar scones on Leite's Culiniaria that looks so good. http://www.leitesculinaria.com/recipe...

      You could make frittatas and cut them out with decorative cutters. This was a huge hit with my nephew who didn't suspect he was consuming eggs with spinach (gasp)

      1. Little yogurt & fruit parfait cups w/granola for sprinkling on top. All kids like things in individual packaging. And McDonald's serves it, so even non-foodie kids will try it out 'cause they've seen the advertising.

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          Granola is OK as long as there are no kids with a peanut allergy and the school is not peanut free.

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            I don't think I've ever had peanuts in my granola (either homemade or storebought).

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              Granola will often say on the package, "may contain nuts" because it is often made in the same factory as products that contain nuts (doesn't have to be peanuts). If the school is nut free, any of these products should not be brought to the school. It might seem extreme, but if you had a child with the nut allergy, you would want the nut free program adhered to stringently.

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                Often a so-called "peanut allergy" is just a catch-all for general nut allergies, since peanuts (peanut butter, etc) is so often given to children. A lot of granola has walnuts or pecans. I've also found granola bars with peanut butter (very tasty).

          2. I agree with the granola - you can even make your own and put anything you want in it. I've also seen recipes for home-made granola bars, which you could also customize with your own ingredients.

            Fruit, fruit, fruit - kids adore fruit. A friend once made cute little fruit skewers with some normal fruits and then some unusual ones - kiwi, starfruit, etc. Might be an easy way to introduce them to new foods! Could serve this with yogurt sauce.

            1. There is a great recipe for homemade granola from the food network. I think it is called crunchy granola and was from the show where the chef works with people to make healthier meals. The recipe is super adaptable and you can add pretty much any nut or dried fruit you can think of.

              THis is probably the wrong season but my mom used to carve out a watermellon to look like a whale or basket and then fill it with melon balls and other fruit. We loved it.