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Mar 6, 2007 05:46 AM


Hey guys and gals!! Today we're going to be in DC and wanted to know some good mom and pop places to eat. Somewhere around the Air and Space museum.
Please help!

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    1. re: EKitten

      I was looking for places to eat near the mall recently, too. Here's a link to that discussion.

      Have a great time today.

      1. re: xena

        Thanks so much, this has helped a lot~

    2. I'd walk south to the Atrium Cafe and get a handcarved roast beef sandwich.

      Say hi to mom and pop for me!

      1. I ate there yesterday. I wanted to do something different today... :) Any suggestions? I think maybe Bens Chili Bowl...

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        1. re: EKitten

          If you're willing to go as far as U Street for a mom-and-pop, there's the Waffle Shop across the street from Ford's Theater, a block from Gallery Place Metro. There's also Burma in Chinatown and Pete's Diner near Library of Congress. Small places those. It's probably too cold today for something at Maine Avenue Fishmarket.