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Want to wow the fam in Slope or Ft Greene

Having just relocated from Carroll Gardens to Boerum Hill, I'd like to show my family a new delicious restaurant. Anyone have recommendations in the Park Slope/Ft Greene area? I am hoping to avoid Smith Street but could do Boerum Hill/Brooklyn Heights.
I'd like slightly upscale, good atmosphere, not too loud and lip-smacking good!

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        1. al di la

          or applewood

          1. a*bistro in ft. greene on carlton at myrtle. mmm.

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              a*bistro is very good, but I would not call it upscale despite some pretty sophisticated food.

            2. i took my family to al di la and they absolutely loved it. but i'd recommend going very early to avoid a long wait.

              1. You said "not too loud" so as good as Al di La is, it's awfully loud. As is APplewood -- except on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when it has a much more genteel vibe. I'd say Applewood earlier in the week. Also Saul is fantastic (even though you said you wanted to avoid Smith St.)

                1. Tempo.

                  I really don't understand the lack of love for Tempo on these boards. Pack mentality, perhaps?

                  1. I think you'll find some fans of tempo on this board. In fact, there was a recent report of a private party someone had at Tempo. The Chowhound had nothing but great things to say about the staff and the food. Tempo tends to run a bit more expensive than Al di La and I would step out on a limb and call Al di La more distinctive than Tempo. This thread started with a request for a single place to "wow" a family. If that family is anything like my family, it doesn't take much to "wow" them. On the other hand, if they are a bit discriminating, there's no doubt that Al di La can "wow" the most stubborn eater. Bang for the buck must count for something: the average tab at Al di La (appetizer, main course, dessert) probably runs $100 for two, where it would run $125 at Tempo. Add to that Emiliano's fine selection of wines from small, regional vineyards and you got a "wow."

                    1. oh, ooops! forgot to mention that i took them to Al Di La over a year ago and definitely WOWed them. My friend recommended LOCANDA VINI E OLII to me...it's slightly out of the way but sounds delicious? i will also look into tempo and applewood. my parents generally go to manhattan and feel very cutting edge and youthful when they venture to brooklyn---i like to keep the WOW factor high.

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                        Id recommend Convivium over Locanda Vini e Olii.

                      2. al di la.

                        but, that being said, since you said you are going with your family, i guess there could be some possible issues with this choice. they dont take reservations, and there is usually a wait involved. could be up to an hour (depending on where you go). its usually not that long though and they do have a wine bar next door you can wait in. but, despite their amazing food, i guess i could see that being an issue if there are kids or grandparents involved.

                        you could also try Convivum Osteria on 5th ave in the slope. the food isnt as good (but still good) as a di la, but personally, i think the atmosphere is a little better (especially if you get a table downstairs in the wine cellar. and, im prety sure they take reservations.

                        if you want to trek into ft. greene, i really like Ici.
                        also, Olea can be hit or miss (but, usually more 'hit' than 'miss') and I like the atmosphere.

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                          I know that brunch is not the best gauge of a kitchen's talents, but I recently had a bad brunch experience at Ici a couple of Sundays ago. I ordered the pork hash with two eggs over easy. There was a pool of oil under the pork hash and the eggs, which were overcooked so that the whites were rubbery, also had pools of oil on them.

                        2. I'd second Convivium, Ici and Tempo but if you want to wow them in a very understated way (contradiction?), I would suggest the Garden Café on Vanderbilt. 9 tables, well spaced. Small changing menu, expertly cooked and the service is perfect.

                          1. Since you've gone to Al di la, I'd say Applewood or Stone Park. Both have that nice contemporary feel which may play into your fam's desire to feel cutting edge;)

                            For pure quirky atmosphere (and pretty darned good food), I couldn't think of a better place than Convivium... which seems to me is best in the depths of winter and height of summer.

                            As for Tempo, I haven't been yet, but I wouldn't take it personally if people don't recommend a restaurant you like. Certainly wouldn't hash it up to "pack mentality." Stone Park gets a lot of flack on here for some service issues, but I'd rate their food as some of the best around so I'll still go there.

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                              I agree that Stone Park's food is rather good (their brunch a little more than their dinner) so I don't know about wowing the fam there.

                              And I would second, or third (I guess) Tempo. I think they tend to be the best with large groups in the Slope area - they have the space and the service. And it's not more expensive than Al di la - the entrees are the same price (I think one or two are 2-3 bucks more). I think people feel that Tempo is more expensive (and someone said this on the Tempo Update thread) because it's got a more upscale feel to it than Al di la. Both restaurants are wonderful, and different - I think people spend more at Tempo b/c there are more options to (bigger wine list, cheese courses, etc). But I've gone to Tempo many times to just have the bucatini and a quartino of wine.

                              Anyway - back to the original topic - either Al di la or Tempo or Applewood I would vote to wow the family. Also - a little further away - but The Farm on Adderly in Ditmas Park is amazing and very original.