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Best nachos in Toronto or GTA?

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  • kand1 Mar 6, 2007 04:23 AM
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Anyone know where to get the best nachos?

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  1. Utopia, on College in Little Italy, has the BEST nachos in the city! The order is huge as well, so it's easy to share.

    1. Here's a recent thread: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/320044

      1. Tonite i tryed the chicken nachos at Utopia, one word.....AMAZING

        1. sneaky dees - see the other thread I am not alone.......

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            second sneaky dees

            1. re: dannyboy

              third sneaky dees

              the regular nachos are my all-time favourite late-night snack. I only wish I lived closer.

          2. Hair of the Dog. My personal favourite.

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              Trevor Kitchen just east of Yonge on Wellington has tasty & different nachos - with goat cheese and beef cheek chunks. Tequila sour cream on the side though is strange and bitter and just plain odd.
              Wheat Sheaf has good traditional nachos - even cheese distribuition with a side of chili - I think they are only $7.99.

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                mmmm. hair of the dog nachos. soooo good.

                but not corn tortillas, so it depends on your mood...