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Mar 6, 2007 03:48 AM

Broiling under the Salamander....

When i head to the Cuban/Chinese Restaurant in Jackson Heights, they have these oval metal pans that cook fish and seafood. Not an actual pan, but more like a tray maybe a foot in diameter. They place this under the broiler...I must get one for my house...anyone know where to get this product, or even what it is called.

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  1. Now that I think of it, it is like a heavy metal plate...maybe that is is a better description...they usually bring it right to the table and tell me "Don't touoch, very hot!"
    Help me find one to buy online!!!!

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    1. re: gr8tefloyd

      Try your local resataurant supply house.

    2. Any of the restaurant supply places on the Bowery probably have them.

      1. What you're describing sounds very much like the heavy duty stainless steel steak platter that was given to me years ago as an engagement present. It comes with a wooden board "underliner" that has an indentation so that after the meat is broiled, the hot platter fits into the wooden board, making it easy and safe to carry to the table. Plus, the board can be placed directly on the table. It can certainly used to broil fish as well.

        You can see different models and buy one on-line here:

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          Thanks guys, the ones on that website look good, i still may head down to China Town to feel the weight of them. The ones in the restaurant feel like 8 million pounds, i want one that will last forever. Thanks again! Happy broiling..

        2. I have seen some aluminum, some cast iron, some stainless...some with wood underliner, some bakelite...and thinking this would be a wonderful way to present steaks, mostly steaks, for us. So, which type of metal would be best? I am thinking that I would grill or broil or pan grill the steaks, and can heat up the metal server in the I am less likely to broil than anything. Also, thinking sister would love these, or even more than one! Thanks for advice in advance!

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          1. re: Jesdamala

            I don't think it matters which one you get, particularly if you're not going to broil the meat on the platter, just heat the platter in the oven.

            1. re: Jesdamala

              I recommend aluminum. Heats and cools quicker than the other metals.

              I don't like cast iron because it retains heat: dangerous and uncomfortable for the diner. Uncomfortable because the diner has a 500 degree heat souce in front of them, dangerous for the same reason.

              For meat (vs. seafood), cast iron has the presentation value over aluminum, heat the cast iron separately, when white hot, plate your meat, it will be sizzling when brought to the table. A couple of local restaurants do this with: steaks and frajitas.

              Your requirement is different than the OP's, the OP wanted something to use under a salamander, you want something to bring to the table. Just don't let your guests use your good steak knives on the cast iron plate and keep some burn ointment handy.

              1. re: Alan408

                Thank you. Now, if I buy aluminium, can I also use it under a broiler...a regular, in home, normal broiler? But I am appreciate your reasoning. I do so much appreciate your advice. And, then again, why not stainless over aluminium...just asking...not doubting!

                1. re: Alan408

                  I think you are overstating the danger with the hot cast iron. This is a *serving* platter, not a plate that diners are going to eat off directly. The platter I have fits into an indentation in the wooden plank, so the platter does not move around. Plus, the wood holder has about a wide edge around it. So, no need to touch the hot platter as it sits on the table. Diners can just reach over, spear a piece of meat with a fork, and put it on their own plates.

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