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best chinese bakery you need to know

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just to let none chinese know there are over 7 chinese bakery around la and orange county, and they are the best, light and not as sweet as the american kind, it call J J
bakery, the closest one is in irvine, on the corner of Jeffrey and Walnut, if you need more location ,let me know

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  1. JJ really is pretty darned good. There's one in Hacienda Heights at Halliburton and Hacienda as well and it's been my go-to whenever I'm in the area since it opened. My parents live there and change bakeries once in awhile but haven't found one worth switching to.

    However, JJ is also one of the more expensive bakeries so you'll have to determine for yourself whether it's worth it.

    1. what is the store next to the 99 on CULVER?? I thought that one was J &J. It is much better than the one on Jeffrey/Walnut.

      I don't go for their cakes...just the breads/pineapplebread/hotdog buns, blah blah blah...

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        no the one on culver is RJ Patisserie. I like the cafe there but for little fancy cakes, I go to J&J on Jeffrey.

      2. JJ Bakery is always good, they have 3 locations that I know of... HH, Torrance and Arcadia. There is also Jin Patisserrie in Rowland Heights, off Colima in the Ranch 99 market shopping center. The baker studied in France and their stuff is a notch higher than JJ Bakery. Their pastries seems fancier and prettier. There is also Cathy's Bakery with a few locations in Arcadia, Temple City/Alhambra that is not fancy, but good. There is also a good bakery next to Red Ants Cafe in Monterey Park, I can't think of the name, but their Pineapple buns are the best that I have tried.

        Now I am getting hungry.

        1. There's a JJ in Rowland Heights at Colima and Nogales as well, and also one at the same plaza as Din Tai Fung in Arcadia. I am addicted to their pickled vegetable bread/donut and their sandwiches. I think their bread is an all around best choice but the cakes looked pretty but don't taste that great. Never thought it that expensive. Maybe comparing to the ones sold at the chinese supermarkets.

          Diamond Bakery is probably the worst out ot the lot. Another interesting one is non-chinese. I think is Korean called Tours de Jours or something like that. The ones with pastry cream is the best. My hubbie loved the chocolate stuffed bread at Bread Element in YES plaza in Rowland Heights.

          1. We occasionally stop in at the one across from Din Tai Fung in Arcadia as we wait for our table. We actually bought some of their cakes to taste them as potential wedding cakes. We found the flavor to be typically Chinese in that they were extremely light on sweetness-- so much so that we all had an initial negative reaction. (At our little wedding cake tasting party, my friends and I all looked at each other with this "Where's the flavor??" expression) But as you continue to eat the slice, the sweetness sort of builds in your mouth, so it actually grew on us. However we eventually wound up with the super delicious strawberry and young coconut cake at Van's Bakery in San Gabriel-- no looking for flavor in these cakes, let me tell you!

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              Yup. The flavors are so subtle that they are entirely lost on me! ;)

              Honestly when I bite into a chocolate cake I want chocolate explosion, not mildly tasting like chocolate.

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                I was not that impressed with Din Tai Fung despite the ridiculous lines. Their Chao nian gao was okay and that goes for the rest of the dishes I tried~ half a dozen, including the shao long bao..overrated in Arcadia?? They are known for that thin skin but inside was mediocre...What do you think?

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                  I think you should probably start (yet another) Din Tai Fung thread instead of hijacking this one!

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              2. which chinese bakery has the best coconut buns?

                1. I think Cathy's Bakery in San Gabriel/Rosemead (on Las Tunas) is a much better bakery than JJs. I think JJ's pastries are too sweet and too buttery.Their egg custards are too sweet. Cathy's toasts are also delicious.

                  1. I miss the Puffs at Queen's Bakery in Chinatown. My uncle use to own it many years ago and then sold it. I don't think they have it anymore and don't know anyone that makes anything that is even similar. :(

                    1. Van's is better than JJ.

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                        Expand your thoughts... we need to know why! JJ is pretty good, so Van's must be the mother of Chinese bakeries...

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                          Well, to be really fair, Van's is not Chinese ... it's Vietnamese.

                          Still, in the vein of Asian Bakeries, Van's is really quite something. Some of the best pandan and tarot cakes I've had. Plus, as a lover of all things custard, Van's Ban Gah is sort of like egg custard on steroids AND human growth horomone.

                          Plus, just walk around their new digs ... it's a bit awe inspiring.

                          Van's Bakery
                          860 E. Valley Blvd.
                          San Gabriel
                          (626) 288-7272

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                            Thanks for the info... I'm always looking for baked goods of all types... My wife occasionally has a yearning for pandan - it's almost like SE Asia's vanilla. The number of SGV bakeries to try is somewhat daunting. It seems almost every neighborhood has at least one or two, not counting the ones inside the markets! Keep those recs coming - thanks again!

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                              Second that! Van's is INCREDIBLE - I've never seen any place quite like it!
                              did a post on it a while back http://apassionforfood.blogspot.com/2...
                              They moved locations recently to a bigger spot on Valley Blvd, and the selection is truly awe inspiring...a multitude of pandan flavored treats, the widest selection of vietnamese desserts and pastries anywhere in san gabriel. prices are more than reasonable, and they'll satisfy any craving, sweet salty, chocolately, coconutty...
                              mmm, any they turn out might fine avocado smoothies and ca phe su da! :)

                              1. re: ipsedixit

                                Thanks for the tip. I saw Mr. Taster also mentioned it and assumed it was a chinese bakery. Now what kind of stuffed bread/bun is good there?