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McDonald's angus burger [split from L.A. board]

On the note of McDonalds, has anyone tried their new angus burgers? I haven't eaten at a Mickey D's in over 7 years, but the new burgers are somewhat intiguing me.

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  1. Not McDonald's but we had an Angus burger at another one of these chains...Burger King? Pretty sure it was a Burger King. It was horrible, and we were starving, and we left most behind. Somewhere on the road to Delaware, probably in New Jersey. These burgers, anywhere, must be cooked well done by law I believe, , and I don't think Angus meat has much fat, or less fat than a regular burger, and honestly, it was like cardboard. I think just another selling trap, Angus, sounds grand, and it wasn't. Wish I could be more specific as to where this was, somewhere off the highway, but I cannot imagine it would make a difference where or what chain. Just my thinking.

    1. Yeah, someone take one for the team let us all know. Notice how I deferred :)

      1. I do eat the Angus burger at Carl's, when I do want a decent piece of meat in my burger.

        1. I tried it, a Deluxe with no cheese and no mustard.

          The meat alone was reasonably tasty, a bit on the dry, loose and mealy side. Tasted like a high quality microwaved patty (which is what I think it might be).

          The bun was nicely toasted, although slightly doughy.

          The lettuce was a one big leathery leaf, not iceberg, no crunch.

          The tomato was nasty mealy junk.

          The mayo was a huge firm sticky blob (yuck).

          If I got it again, it would be with onions only since the toppings were so bad.

          If you have a Jack in the Box nearby, you are much better off with a Ciabatta burger. The bun actually tastes like real bread, and the meat is cooked to order. It actually tastes like real food instead of the synthetic food that McDonalds seems to be favoring.

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            I'll take my Cisco burger over that any day!

          2. Hi guys, I found a coupon, at least for the Los Angeles area, the print is small so I think they will honor it anywhere, for a buck off this new burger.

            1. I tried it a while back. Tastes like a meatloaf sandwich to me.

              1. As per m conversation with the McDonalds coproate customer service department, they are using plain jane Angus Ground Beef, nothing special such as Angus Ground Chuck, ground round, or ground sirloin. Hardee's at least has a Angus Sirloin Burger. McDonalds is trying to impress us wit the BLACK ANGUS nomenclature, but then tuns around and probably uses the cheapest cuts of the Angus cattle for their beef patties. When McDonalds comes up with a charcoal broiled hamburger patty, made of PREMIUM Angus cuts, such a ground chuck, ground round or sirloin, maybe I might be impressed. Was the cheese even melted on your Angus burger? probably not, the patties are served too cool.

                1. It's advertised as an Angus burger and it's made with Angus beef? How dare they!

                  Of course, there are still those who deny reality and swear that the other McDonald's burgers do not have ANY beef at all in them. What part of 100% don't they understand?

                  1. Angus Beef is one big rip off in my mind.
                    I've had AB burgers and steaks and have ALWAYS been disappointed.
                    I also asked my butcher friend and he told me that it's basically just a marketing ploy. There's not much of a difference. It's supposedly a little more fatty (Marbled). He too didn't find anything particularly special about it.

                    The sooner the Emporer's New Clothes are discoverd about this, the better IMHO.