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Mar 5, 2007 09:14 PM

Prime Rib in Chicago

Hello all. I am a big fan of Prime Rib. I would like some recommendation' s for good Prime Rib in Chicago (please exclude Lawry's). All suggesstion's greatly appreciated.

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  1. The Saloon Steakhouse.Chestnut street.Chicago

    1. Gibson's. I hadn't really considered ordering it there until my waiter assured me I wouldn't be sorry. He said the owner is even more fussy about the prime rib than he is the steaks. It was fabulous.

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        Went to Gibsons and got the prime rib for lunch, the other two in my party got different steak dishes but we all loved the prime rib and my sister insisted I take a picture of it because it looked and tasted so good.

        1. re: Budser1228

          I agree with Gibson's. Great prime rib. Wise of the OP to exclude Lawry's which is no good.

      2. I ate at the Lincolnshire location of Wildfire this evening and had the prime rib. It was very, very good. I give them A+ for cooking it to the doneness requested on the first try (I don't know why this isn't common everywhere, but it isn't), A for taste, B+ for texture (it was reasonably tender, but not the *most* tender prime rib I've ever had), and A for their tasty horseradish sauce. A very creditable effort.

        The best prime rib I've ever had in the Chicago area is at the Black Ram Steakhouse in Des Plaines. Second best is at Carson's. However, I haven't had it at all that many other places in the city (more in the suburbs).