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Mar 5, 2007 08:55 PM

Does burrata freeze well?

Has anyone frozen fresh burrata cheese? Does the creamy flavor and semi liquid consistency survive thawing?

I realize the whole point of burrata is to eat its fragile creaminess while fresh. I'm blessed to have a great cheese factory(Gioia Cheese, South El Monte, CA) about an hour's drive away. It's close enough that I can go any time I want to, but far enough that it's a schlep. So if I buy in bigger quantity, is it worth freezing?

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  1. I wouldn't. An hour isn't so far to go to get something as wonderful as burrata. From what I know about it, most cheese places don't carry it because it has to be eaten while it's VERY fresh. It might be an interesting experiment, freezing it, but if I were to guess, I'd say the sublime, creamy texture will change. Let us know the result if you do freeze it.

    1. another vote for not freezing. the consistency is the allure of this sensuous treat and that will be destroyed by freezing.

      1. I agree, don't freeze. I once stored stracchino (runny, fresh, cow's milk cheese) in a fridge in my office that was set too cold. After about 6 hours there were ice crystals on the outside. I let the cheese come to room temperature but the flavor seemed to be gone completely.

        1. Shame on you, PS!
          A Professor worth his Salt should have by now frozen the stuff & reported back...

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          1. re: RicRios

            Yes, I should do that.

            No, I should not... my preciousss...

          2. Tried it once, don't do it. It gets nasty.