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Mar 5, 2007 07:46 PM

Ghanian Resturant in Berkeley

So I am minding my own business in my commute from Ukiah to Petaluma listening to KPFA. Then there is this quick mention of a Ghanian Resturant in Berkeley. Title with "tropical in it"

My head does a quick double take. Anyone with experience with this resturant? Any other Resturants with West African cuisine (any country) in the Bay Area.

This inquiring mind wants to know!

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  1. It's called Tropical Paradise, on University just west of Shattuck. Big thumbs up -- you can find more info if you search on that name.

    1. Yah know, I'm not so up on my African Geography. Two different places are:

      Taxi Brousse on San Pablo (Senegalese)

      A Taste of Africa (Cameroonian

      I like Taxi Brousse better but they both have their good points.

      There's a bunch of Etheopian joints on Telegraph in Oakland/Berkeley or there about.

      There's Zazoo near Jack London Square that serves regular all-American food and the other side of the menu has Afghani.

      Not a restaurant, but at a few Farmers Markets (Old Oakland, Montclair, also Oakland) there's a stand that sells Afghani food.

      1. I love Afghani food- but this is cuisine from Central Asia not Africa (along the silk road).

        My son is half Ethiopian/Eritrea (paternal grandparents from each place) so I've scoped out most of the places in the Bay Area. Bringing him along is great cache-sure way to great service.

        Senegal and Cameroon (Benin) are Francophone (ex colonies of France), Ghana (Anglophone ex British Colony) All are in west Africa with some similarities. I like food from all over the continent from Egypt to South Africa from east to west as well:)

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          Cool. Thanks. When I was searching around recently about the Cameroonian food there didn't seem to be a clear definition of whether that was West African or Central African.

        2. Taxi Brousse is sort of a branch of Bissap Baobab in SF.

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            How do you think they compare, Robert? It is really unlikely that I'll ever get to Bisap Baobab and I'm curious.