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Mar 5, 2007 07:43 PM

SEB pressure cooker repair -- where?

I love my SEB pressure cooker. Oddly, it's become even more useful now
than in the past. I've made beautiful stews so easily and simply with it.
And beautiful rice is a snap with it.

But now, the housing that holds the handle in the middle has broken. I can no longer
tighten the lid (and thus create pressure).

Know of any folks anywhere in the US who repair SEB pressure cookers?

I still think they are the best brand...

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  1. I have one that We were about to list on eBay in parts !!! What do you need ? It is an ALUMINUM & Stainless SEB and we have all of it and can get you just the parts to make your repairs !!! We have attached pictures of what we think you are looking for . This model is very hard to find . Hope this helps & Take care

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    1. re: walmartbaby

      How nice! Didn't see the attached pictures. email is maria(at)napanet(dot)net

      1. re: maria lorraine

        Followup: I need the entire central shaft, from the handle to the screw under the lid.
        I sure thank you for your post. Please contact me via the email address above, and
        we'll continue this off the Chowhound boards! best, maria

      2. re: walmartbaby

        Walmartbaby, if you still have that SEB cooker, I am looking for the rotating pressure valve fitted to the 10 liter aluminum cookers from the 1970’s... hope you do! Thanks...

        1. re: rhkyblue

          rhkyblue -
          there's a place in WA state where you can order parts for SEB pressure cookers
          Abtec Parts, Hours 9-3 PST Mon-Fri
          PO Box 2578,
          Oroville, Tel: 1-888-339-0336
          WA 98844, USA. Fax: 1-250-494-9274
          They have a webpage as well - but I fear putting it in this post may cause it to be deleted..

        2. re: walmartbaby

          I'm looking for the gasket for my SEB. Has anyone used a tube of gasket maker from an auto parts store. Permatex is the brand. Where could I buy an original gasket for NF is the letter on the top and a triangle also wording that says Made in France.