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Mar 5, 2007 07:33 PM

Best sushi in Providence or Boston?

I'm looking for a great sushi place in the providence or boston area. Anyone got any good recommendations? Thanks for the help!

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  1. Hi Folks, Please do give your recommendations for sushi in Providence here, and if you have more for Boston, please use that board. Thanks very much.

    1. Haruki in Wayland square has very good sushi, although not as good as...see Boston board for the rest of sentence per Chowhound Team's directive... just kidding - Fugakyu in Brookline - my favorite sushi!

      1. Providence:
        My personal feeling on this is that while Haruki East in Wayland Square is a step above the rest in quality (both of food and of decor), on the whole, nearly all of our sushi places are pretty much in the same league. All very good, none outstanding.

        Tokyo and Sakura, both on Wickenden, have the best variety and most authentic rolls (Sakura has the better decor and service, while Tokyo's rolls are slightly fresher but their service is really hurting). There are also the "mom and pop" feeling places like New Japan downtown and Ran Zen on Hope street in Oak Hill.

        Supposedly, Paulimoto's ("Iron Chef" Morimoto's downscale chain) is coming to the G-Tech building to compliment Ruth's Chris at some point in the near future...

        I'm not intimately familiar with the entire scene there, but I haven't had anything better there than what we have in Providence. I've been to Fugakyu, and it's really very good, but certainly not worth a specific trip up from Providence all by itself (while I used to make that kind of trip for 2 or 3 amazing sushi places in Minneapolis and St. Paul when I lived in Minnesota).

        I've heard Oishii in Chestnut Hill is supposed to perhaps be the tops in the Boston Metro overall, but I haven't been yet (but probably will soon...).

        - Garris
        Providence, RI

        1. In Providence, I agree with Haruki East in Wayland Square. I think their fish is very fresh and the overall vibe of the place is very nice. I've also had sushi at Tokyo but wasn't very impressed. Ten Steak and Sushi downtown also has some interesting rolls, but it is overpriced in my opinion and not nearly as flavorful as Haruki East.

          In Boston, my all time favorite is OSushi. I've tried most of the popular sushi restaurants in the Boston area, and OSushi (in the Copley Mall) always tastes the best. Fugayku is also very good, and has a more authentic Japanese feel, while OSushi is a little more trendy. Umi in Fenway is a more hidden location, but I used to live around the corner and always thought there sushi was delicious- and the service is fantastic (if you sit at the sushi bar- they sometimes give you free octupus salad!).

          Let us know what you try out!

          1. I didn't realize how bad the sushi was in Providence, until I had sushi in Mexico of all places that was ten times better than anything I've eaten in Providence. I shouldn't say the Providence sushi is bad, but it's nothing that I would recommend.