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Mar 5, 2007 07:26 PM

Good spot near LAX???

I go to the LAX area for business and seem to find nothing but chain restaurants. I am looking for good food, upscale if possible. Can anyone help? I am open to anything.

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  1. Go to El Segundo. Lots of cool restaurants, ranging from sleek (Second City Bistro) to more homey (Richmond Bar and Grill). My faves are Richmond and also El Tarasco.

    Venice isn't too from you if you're willing to drive North, and Manhattan Beach isn't too far if you're willing to drive South. How far do you want to drive?

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    1. re: SauceSupreme

      fwiw, i wouldn't consider any of the el segundo recommendations 'upscale.'
      in particular, el tarasco is one of a chain of popular hole-in-the-wall dives, serving amazingly cheap, greasy, bland mexican food.

    2. Just a couple of minutes from LAX in Westchester is Truxton's. The dishes we tried there have been good, solid American food, the service is attentive and the ambiance is very nice. I don't think they take reservations but they have plenty of free parking in the lot out back or on the street in front or around the corner on Manchester.

      1. go directly to cafe del rey in marina del rey.

        1. I also like Chef Hannes in El Segundo (on Main between Holly and Pine). For upscale, many people here recommend Avenue in Manhattan Beach, though I've never been.

          1. Second City Bistro and Chef Hannes in El Segundo serve good food and are solid choices, but are not upscale. Truxton's has dissappointed me several times.

            For upscale choices, I second the recommendations for Avenue and Cafe del Rey. I also recommend Petros in Manhattan Beach.

            A bit further north, I recommend exploring Abbot Kinney (blvd?) in Venice. There are lots of interesting choices - ranging from Beachwood on the Northeast end to Axe on the Southwest end.

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              True enough about Abbot Kinney... but Beechwood's on the south(east) end, and Axe's farther north(west).