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Mar 5, 2007 07:23 PM

Mother in law visiting - any suggestions

My 81 year old british mother in law is visiting mid March. Any interesting ideas would be appreciated. It is a fairly scripted visit, but here is what we were considering. Our base is Queen street west (Triinity Bellwood Park area). We will be cabbing due to mobility issues, she does like to be "spoiled", i.e. she would prefer high tea to a pub, and she prefers seafood- specifically fish. We will be eating early, of course, so I doubt reservations will be a problem. Cost - not an issue.

She arrives on Thursday pm. Thinking of Canoe if she is up to it. My husband works right there, views, fancy from her perpective. Any other suggestions, or anything in our area in the event she is tired.

Friday: possibly CasaLoma in the afternoon - is there a place to get soup, quick sandwich? We are going to the Raptor game and considering eating at the TD Platinum Club. I know, expensive vs quality, but again we are navigating an octurian here. Maybe the Royal York?

Saturday - Afternoon Ballet at the four seasons centre, any lunch suggestions? Again, lunch we probably need something light - but a bar for me :). Dinner more challenging. We must invite family members in Toronto, well established financial background - very old boy's network type. They live in the donvale valley area, we really don't want to go up there. We made reservations at Bymark for the group. Any other suggestions?

Sunday: It is her last day, would like to make it special. Always difficult for dinner. Thinking CN tower. Her day I am not too sure about, maybe the ainsley gallery (sp?) distillery district?

Thank you for any suggestions.

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  1. If you're thinking of CN tower dinner, best make your reservation quite early coz you don't want to be waiting for 5 hours or more for a table to be available. If you want a 1st class, classy restaurant to impress your relatives, try the Truffles located in Avenue Rd. on the 2nd floor of the Four Season's Hotel.... one of my fav place..... well used to when I was still in Toronto last year. You might want to take her to the Royal Botanical Gardens.... it used to be beautiful, but that was a while ago since I went there. There's also the Black Creek Pioneer Village to see, Fort York near Bathurst, Allans garden.... that's just a few I can think of. Goodluck with your MIL.....

    1. You may wish to have a back-up for the CN Tower, if the area is closed due to falling ice, as it was yesterday (today?).

      1. For Sunday, the Gardiner museum might be an option. It's small-ish, so quite easily navigable. And Jamie Kennedy's at the Gardiner will be open for lunch. You could also do a quick shop along the Bloor Street stretch, if she's ambulatory.

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          great idea, the Gardiner Museum!

          nearby there is the Windsor Arms or the Four Seasons for afternoon tea.

          also Canada Blooms - the flower show is on March 7-11, if the timing works and she's into flowers.

        2. The Red Tea Box in your neighbourhood (North side of Queen) has a nice tea that she might appreciate. The smallish store can be kind of hard to navigate, so you might want to check it out first if she's not too mobile.

          1. "Mother In Law Visiting - Any Suggestions?"

            Aside from the obvious suggestion of taking a golf holiday in the about Scarmouche.