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Mar 5, 2007 07:15 PM

Babouche in Park Slope?

I walked past what I think is a new Moroccan restaurant on 5th Ave in the Slope, called Babouche. It's on a corner (can't remember which one, sorry!) and I believe it used to be a sort of high-end grocery. Has anyone been? The space looked nice.

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  1. A Moroccan restaurant called Les Babouches on Third Ave in Bay Ridge closed a few months ago. It was good and I was sorry to see it gone. Their Bay Ridge space was small but very nice. I don't know if the new restaurant in Park Slope is related but, if it is, it's a good sign. Hopefully, others who know more will reply.

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      I used to be a waiter at the old one... I wonder where Boo went.

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. I read on this board that a Moroccan place from elsewhere in Bklyn was moving to that location, but I thought it was coming from Carroll Gardens, not Bay Ridge.

        I walked by - it's lovely.
        But it better be reeeealy good 'cause it's not inexpensive.
        Tangines $17, entrees in the mid-20s.

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          I had never been to Maison de Couscous in Bay Ridge before the owners sold it and opened their Les Babouches also in Bay Ridge. But I'm pretty sure that Les Babouches, which was on Third Ave (the neighborhood's restaurant row) was significantly more expensive than Maison de Couscous which was (and still is under different ownership) on a side street in the 70s off of Fifth Ave. If they are the same owners and just opened a new restaurant on Fifth Ave in Park Slope, I guess the pattern of moving up to owning more and more expensive restaurants is forming. Still, I ate at Les Babouches in Bay Ridge and thought the food was good and heard nothing but raves about Maison de Coucous when they owned it. So, the prospects for good food at this new Moroccan restaurant looks promising if it is the same owners.

        2. I continue to be a fan of Fez in Windsor Terrace for great couscous, tagines and desserts.
          The prices are lower than those at Babouche.

          1. It's on 5th Avenue and Lincoln. We ate there last night and it was really wonderful. The portions were so huge that I had half of my cous-cous royale (chicken, lamb, merquez sausage) for lunch today. They don't have their liquor license yet, so rush on over while you still can bring your own booze. It's really lovely in the restaurant and the staff couldn't be nicer.

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              I was really looking forward to trying the couscous royale after reading your post! But I went today during the day and they were serving brunch, which is not my thing. Did you try the tagines or bistaya?

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                My husband had the lamb and prune tagine and it was great. And - if you have kids - the chicken skewers, while not cheap, are a crowd pleaser. (Actually the chicken skewers comes with a huge salad, which my 4-year-old wouldn't touch. Next time I'll get her the skewers and have the salad as my appetiser. Then the price will be right!)

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                  good to get the reports. Has anyone verified that this is the same bunch that operated Babouches on 3rd Ave? Do they have the bellydancer (!!) in the 5th Ave store?