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Good Food in Northridge?

Help!! I just moved to Northridge for school and I can't find anything to eat! I would appreciate ANY food recommendations, but near CSUN would be particularly helpful (I don't have a car and live near campus).

Thank you!

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  1. Galleria Market-- Reseda and Devonshire-- they have Korean food for sale in the store and in the restaurant area just in front of the store.

    There's a falafel place right across the street from CSUN.
    Falafel Palace - (818) 993-0734 - 9255 Reseda Blvd

    Vallarta grocery store-- Reseda and Parthenia-- they have Mexican food and drinks to go, plus you can shop, but it will be a bit of a walk.
    Vallarta Supermarket - (818) 576-1280 - 8453 Reseda Blvd

    There's another wrap place-- they make their own bread. Very good stuff. It's in the marketplace where Northridge Pharmacy used to be. You can walk there from CSUN.
    Pita Pocket - (818) 709-4444 - 9127 Reseda Blvd

    I know a number of people who like Mandarin Deli. I went once, and didn't like what I ordered, but it's close to CSUN (walking distance).
    Mandarin Deli Restaurant - (818) 993-0122 - 9305 Reseda Blvd

    Hope you like some or all of these. :)

    1. e&e cafe. northeast corner of reseda and nordhoff, on the second floor above panda express.

      1. California Chicken Cafe is pretty good, can't miss food. It's in the same shopping center as the E&E Cafe.

        A&W Seafood (Chinese food) is on Reseda and Prairie (?). Decent dim sum.

        You got your usual chains to, Chilis, McDs, etc.

        1. Get a car! But the (Reseda Blvd.) bus will bring you to:
          Vallarta Market is further S of Parthenia but, on Reseda, not! walking distance.
          The Indian restaurant in the same corner as Galleria Market has a good buffet - Village Tandoor. Also next to Village is, Honey Baked Ham for sammys, then across the street behind Carrows) there's Catch 21 for fish, chicken and such, Outdoor Grill, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and a couple of other shops that might interest you (Reseda/Devonshire). On the other side where BofA is there's a nifty little sushi place - great for dinner and VERY popular w students. If you take the bus down Nordhoff West, there's Tampa where you'll find the Northridge Mall, to the north, small strip on the Left, East -where you'll find, Rosie's BBQ -YUM! a thai shop, greek rest. and a Japanses/sushi bar. A little further down -1 extra block (Shirley and Nordhoff) there's L & A Asian buffet, Punjab Indian (great buffet) and an Italian rest. :)KQ Good Luck and Have Fun!

          1. Allesio's on reseda is always good. Its about a mile north of CSUN on reseda.

            1. ohmygosh! Thank you so much! I have also been hearing about some amazing Argentinian place? I know it's not near campus, but has anyone heard of it? I know it got "best sandwich" in one of the Los Angeles mags

              Thank you so much guys!

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                I believe it is in Van Nuys, Mercado Buenos Aires? 7542 Sepulveda Blvd. (818) 786-0522

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                  That's it! It's not in walking distance but the chicken sandwich is to die for! It's on a crusty bread. I'm not sure if it comes with chimichurri but i always slather mine with the complimentary dish for the table.

              2. Near Reseda/Nordhoff: Pita pocket in the Von's shopping center. Awesome shwarma (and I think I spelled that wrong). Near Reseda/Prairie: Falafel Palace, Emles (across Reseda) is well reviewed on the chowhound boards as is Mandarin Deli (same side of Reseda as Falafel Palace, across Prairie) At Reseda/Plummer is Mongolian BBQ; a great bargain, especially at lunch. Across Reseda from Mongolian BBQ is a sub shop whose name I cannot remember but is very good.

                Further north (reseda/devonshire) is Galleria Market with a ton of korean options. There is a sushi place across Reseda (next to the thrift store) with 1/2 price sushi for lunch. Decent sushi but be warned: they're overly generous with the eel sauce.

                Best pizza is Ravanellis. They're at Reseda/Chase and they deliver. Family owned joint that's been there at least 25 years. Across from there is Vallarta Market, they've a deli inside with standard taqueria choices. Good food and cheap groceries, too. On the other corner (same side of the street) is LA Lasagne - they've a florentine pizza that's pretty good and they sell it by the slice.

                If you can get a car or hop on the Dash:

                Pine Tree Korean BBQ just north of Roscoe on Reseda. .A little further down Reseda near Sherman Way: two pho houses (pho so 1 and pho 999), Mr. Baguette, Top Thai. Further South (Reseda and Baird) is Nippon Ramen (6900 Reseda Blvd) and a french bakery whose name I cannot recall at the moment - it's right next door to the ramen house. At Reseda and Vanowen is El Taco Llama and while I don't like this one as much as the one at Corbin and Parthenia, they are still quite good. In the same center is It's All Good kabob house - great food.

                A little south of Vanowen (still on Reseda) is Melody's Kitchen and on Vanowen (1/2 block east of Reseda) is Las Fuentes - both owned by the same people, both are quite good. Further south on Victory (just east of Reseda) is The Firehouse for greek food.

                There are numerous chains in the immediate CSUN area. If you have to choose, I would say Chipotle is the best choice around there - one burrito could be a day's meal which is nice for college students who are typically on a rather tight budget.

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                  Agree on the Ravanelli's - best pizza in the valley. Alessio's a definite for finer-dining. Also, there is a QT hot dogs on Reseda/Parthenia where you can get decent Chicago dogs. There is also a ltttle Italian place on Reseda and, what is it, Chase? (light before you get to Nordhoff). God, I have not lived in the valley since 1990! I love all the memories! If you need a great hairdresser (I have gone to Kimiko since 1987) she is in the A Cut Ahead in the small set of buildings just south of Nordhoff off Reseda (across the street from the Dickeys store). Also, Thai BBQ in the same center as the QTs. Good BBQ Ribs and their Pad Thai is not bad, either. CUPIDS!!! The BEST! On Lindley just south of Nordhoff.

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                    Great list! Pine Tree is my favorite for Korean. :) Also, the pho options on Reseda are decent and local.

                    The name of that sub shop across from Mongolian BBQ, in the parking lot for Baskin Robbins, is My Hero.
                    My Hero Submarine Sandwich - (818) 349-4255 - 9514 Reseda Blvd Ste 15 (at Plummer)

                    Someone on Chowhound recommended Pita Pockets to me a few years ago. I went, and liked it.

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                      Thank you for the name, it was driving me crazy.

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                      Just had breakfast at Emle's on Sunday. They offer a 10% discount to CSUN students. Good omelettes, although the pancakes I tasted were thick and heavy.

                    3. thank you thank you! So there's hope after!

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                        I may be biased, but I think this area (reseda in particular) is a mecca for those looking for non-chain, affordable, ethnic food.

                        One other thai suggestion although it's a bit of a hike from CSUN (but probably some of the best thai food outside of NoHo): Rincome. They're at Devonshire and Balboa and they do deliver - I'm just not sure of their delivery area anymore. When we moved here from our old house in Northridge - literally a mile away - to our house here in Reseda, they refused to deliver to us any longer. Cryin' shame.