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Mar 5, 2007 07:00 PM

Best current restaurant for creole food?

My wife and I will be in NOLA for just one or two evenings next week. We've been to the city a couple times before and love creole food (which I'm understanding as New Orleans-style French). We're happy to go to the high-end places, but the main thing's the food, not fancy service and atmosphere. Also, we're not especially attracted to the original and unusual so much as to classic dishes perfectly executed. What do locals think are the current best choices?

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  1. Galatoires, nuf said.

    1. Galatoire's is, was and hopefully will be the best.

      1. Galatoires, ask for FX for your waiter.

        1. I love Galatoire's, but I actually prefer Arnaud's. Quieter setting, and I like the cafe brulot there better. I didn't have a great time at Antoine's the one time we went, but our table wasn't good, and I think I ordered incorrectly.

          1. A bit more laid back in atmosphere and frequented by locals would be Mandinas in Mid City and Clancy's Uptown.