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Mar 5, 2007 06:50 PM

Lunch at Sushi Yasuda: prix fixe? should we bother?

I have a lunch reservation for Wednesday. I read here -- but haven't confirmed it elsewhere -- that they do a $20 prix fixe at lunch. Apparently it's a mix of sushi and sashimi. Can anyone shed anymore light on the experience? We can't really afford to do an omakase style thing as much as we'd love to, though we probably would order a little off the a la carte menu. Having read so many amazing reviews of the place and all it has to offer, I am wondering if it's even worth it to go if we are on a pretty tight budget. If we can only get a couple a la carte items, what would you suggest? Thanks.

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  1. i did the set menu at dinner during my first visit where you pick from the standard list of fish like salmon, tuna, etc. you can ask to see the sushi list and the choice ones will be marked in red, so it'll be good to select a la carte from there, or you can ask if at the counter. the prefixe is not the same experience. however, it's still tasty and a good deal.

    1. So, to clarify, the prix fixe is a set menu or do you get to choose within that?

      BUT If we skipped the prix fixe (I'm very vulnerable as you can tell) and ordered a la carte with restraint what's the least we could get away with spending?

      1. I decided to report back because the prix fixe is MOST DEFINITELY WORTH IT. They give you a lot to choose from -- a substantial list of 15 or so types and 6 or 8 options for rolls. There are plenty of interesting not-run-of the-mill types of fish. We chose the 8 sushi/2 roll combo. There were a handful of types that also appeared on the chef's recommendations for the day list, which was nice because we didn't feel like we were being coaxed into spending lots of money by straying off the prix fixe. . We did decide to get a couple of pieces of toro belly on top of the prix fixe because we were pretty sure it would be some seriously memorable toro. That it was! A shared $10 glass of saki rounded the meal out nicely and made afternoon at work way more bearable. All told, with tax and tip, the bill came to something like $72. It was so good, so fresh and best of all, we left completely satisfied. I highly recommend lunch at Yasuda for anyone looking to check it out but afraid it's too pricey. You can do it!

        1. Hi, thanks for the report. Do you recall what types of sushi and rolls you had for the lunch? What were some other options? I have only been to Yasuda for dinner so I am curious what they offer during lunch hour.

          1. For sushi we had sea bass, halibut, white king salmon, scallop, eel (which was incredible), yellowtail. I'm forgetting a few. Some of those we doubled up on.

            Rolls were arctic char, eel, spanish mackerel, and white king salmon.

            And then, of course, the toro belly, which was off the a la carte menu.