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Mar 5, 2007 06:25 PM

Interesting Rehearsal Dinner Venue in Annapolis?

Does anyone have any good recommendations for a relaxed rehearsal dinner in Annapolis or nearby area? We were thinking maybe an outdoor crabfeast (August), maybe something near the water - something unlike the stodgy typical rehearsal dinner and where more people can be a part of it.... Any ideas??


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  1. Cantlers is the first thing that comes to mind - informal, on the water, and serves crabs.

    1. Cantlers is a very small place, would be jampacked in August, and view is not that great. A better option may be Harris Crab House in Kent Island. They have indoor seating, rooftop seating, and ample outdoor bench seating, with a great view of the Bay including sunset. There is even a mini boardwalk. You might be able to reserve the rooftop or outdoor dining area depending on the size of your party. Access to and parking is a bit better at Harris.

      1. I had my rehearsal dinner at Buddy's Crabs and Ribs.....they do crabs there...its not outdoors but its got a great view of downtown annapolis and its very laid back and casual. We didnt have crabs at mine but I am sure you could.

        1. I'd consider the Severn Inn in Arnold, on the river across from the Naval Academy. They have a large room for private parties, with lots of floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the water, as well as an outdoor balcony.

          1. Thanks, everyone! I'll check out Harris Crab House. Also, I've heard good things about Mike's Crab House for this kind of thing - any thoughts?