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Mar 5, 2007 06:05 PM

Dinner in or near Piazza Navona, Roma?


We'll spend our last evening in Rome and are looking for a suggestion very near Piazza Navona.
We went to Cul de Sac last time and it was good altough cramped and teribbly hot (not a chance in the world to get a spot outdoors...)

Any other suggestion? Price IS an issue so a main course with a one or 2 glasses of house wine shouldn't cost more than 25 euros. No need for desert and appetizers.

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  1. Ditirambo is not in Navona but a short walk away on the edge of Campo di Fiore

    1. Virginae, on via Parione, just off Piazza Navona.

      1. Da Costanza, also near the Campo di Fiore, is terrific. Check out their green risotto dish. While in that neighborhood check out the "white pizza" at the bakery on far corner from Piazza Navona. Amazing and addicting.

        1. Armando al Pantheon is nearby, civilized and moderately priced. Not outdoors, though.
          there is a restaurant in Piazza St. Eustachio (a very nice scenic small piazza and not so jammed) that might be of interest. I think its been posted about recently.

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            That would be Ristorante St. Eustachio, which is famous for its vegetale fritto, and has a lovely outdoor area. It's just across the road from the St. Eustachio coffee bar.

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              Let me second the recommendation of Armando al Pantheon. As I mentioned in a post on another thread, I liked it so much the first night, I immediately made reservations for the next night! I wanted to try as many places as possible, but I liked the menu at Armando's so much that I simply had to come back for more. Moderate prices, wonderfully prepared traditional food.

              Let me also recommend Taverna le Coppelle as an inexpensive and delicious spot to have a pizza and a beer (as the mostly Roman clientele did...I thought Italians only drank wine!) We also had a bowl of pasta and the very drinkable house wine.

            2. Maccheroni. Just a couple blocks from the square. A little tricky to find. Local crowd. Great food. Nice bustling atmosphere. Reasonable prices. Make a reservation to avoid being seated in the basement. I love the pasta alla Gricia (pasta w/pancetta or carbonara w/out the eggs or cheese). Also the steaks. But everything was good. Went there many times over the 6 months I was there.