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Mar 5, 2007 06:00 PM

Gluten Free dining in the GTA

Hi all, I am wondering if anyone has come accross any restaurant serving gluten free dishes. The only one I know of is Il Fornello, who offer excellent rice crust pizza and pasta. It does get very difficult for me to dine out with this limiting food allergy (which excludes anything related to wheat, rye, barley, oats) so I'd love to hear from anyone that has any recommendations!

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  1. We ate at Villa recently (http://www.villarestaurant.ca/) and were pleased with the experience. They offer gluten-free pastas and pizzas, and even a flourless chocolate-almond cake for dessert.

    Also, Fressen (http://www.fressenrestaurant.com/fres...) is a vegetarian restaurant that labels which items on the menu are gluten-free.

    For more information about Toronto-area restaurants, there's a blog called Toronto Celiac (http://torontoceliac.blogspot.com/).

    1. You can probably dine extremely well at Asian restaurants. Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese and Chinese all have countless numbers of dishes made without the use of grains containing gluten, from rice noodle dishes and soups to all manner of stir-fried dishes served with rice. The only thing I'm not sure about is how cornstarch and soy (as in soy sauce) fit in with your gluten allergy. Are corn and soy allergens for you as well?

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        corn and soy are ok, however soy sauce contains wheat so it's a no-no. unfortunately that means many chinese dishes are no good :-( :-( thai however don't use soy sauce so it's a safe bet at least, although i must do ingredient check each time!

      2. Hey there
        The fox and fiddle on the danforth actually has a gluton free menu and does a great fish and chips using strongbow cider

        1. I was at Le Cafe Vert on Queen East on Saturday and they had a number of gluten-free items on their menu.

          1. Magic Oven will deliver you a gluten free pizza:

            There are also a couple of "il Fornello" restaurants in the GTA that have gluten free pizza and pasta.

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              I have been to Magic Oven at Woodycrest and Danforth with 2 gluten-free persons and they are very happy with selection there; They also offer flourless chocolate cake and carrot cake

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                did not try their gluten free things, but i did enjoy Magic Oven at Yonge & Wellesley.