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Good food near the Flower Show in Philly?

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Any suggestions for eating (other than Chinatown) in the area of the Flower Show in Philadelphia or at the Flower Show itself? Thank you!

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  1. Reading Terminal is great for a very casual lunch. There is a lot of variety. If you're looking for casual-upscale, I would suggest cabbing it to Restaurant Row which begins around at Broad and Walnut.

    1. I second the Reading Terminal,Sandwiches at Di Nics are an after Flower Show tradtion- and if you change your mind about Chinatown, there's the Banana Leaf right down the street.

      1. Ly MIchaels on 11th St, above Arch I believe, is quite good. Fusion, nice atmosphere; walking distance.

        1. Maggiano's and The Melting Pot is right on Filbert also.

          1. Rangoon on 9th near Arch serves great Burmese fare. I know, it's still Asian but it's very good. I ate there today. Very fast, friendly good service and affordable lunch specials. I stick to the dishes in coconut or curry sauces but I'm told their soups are very good.