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Mar 5, 2007 05:57 PM

Good food near the Flower Show in Philly?

Any suggestions for eating (other than Chinatown) in the area of the Flower Show in Philadelphia or at the Flower Show itself? Thank you!

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  1. Reading Terminal is great for a very casual lunch. There is a lot of variety. If you're looking for casual-upscale, I would suggest cabbing it to Restaurant Row which begins around at Broad and Walnut.

    1. I second the Reading Terminal,Sandwiches at Di Nics are an after Flower Show tradtion- and if you change your mind about Chinatown, there's the Banana Leaf right down the street.

      1. Ly MIchaels on 11th St, above Arch I believe, is quite good. Fusion, nice atmosphere; walking distance.

        1. Maggiano's and The Melting Pot is right on Filbert also.

          1. Rangoon on 9th near Arch serves great Burmese fare. I know, it's still Asian but it's very good. I ate there today. Very fast, friendly good service and affordable lunch specials. I stick to the dishes in coconut or curry sauces but I'm told their soups are very good.