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Mar 5, 2007 04:59 PM

where can i buy beef carpaccio?

i've checked only whole foods.

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  1. Beef carpaccio is really only thinly sliced beef (flank?) with lemon juice or vinegar and some finely diced aromatics. If you mix it together long enough, it ceases to be carpaccio and simply becomes a marinade. Therefore I can't imagine anyone actually having it. There might be a carpaccio mixture in a bottle that you can add to your own raw beef, but that might be stretching it too.

    1. Buy a nice beef tenderloin. Freeze it for about an hour (for firmness). Slice it with an electric slicer as thin as possible. Lay it out on a big flat COLD plate, drizzle with a small amount of lemon juice whisked with olive oil, toss some baby arugula on top, add curls of good parmigiano cheese, give it a quick coarse grind of black pepper, and voila. Carpaccio. The key is the temp when you slice it, and that you have a good slicer (oh yeah, and a nice piece of meat to start with).

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        Techbod is just about perfect on this. Remember this is RAW beef so it must be hyper-thin and an interior cut. Tenderloin is best. May I suggest a little selection of exotic mustards on the side? Well, I just did.

      2. Capers and Parmesan with arugula. olive oil and lemon. DONE DEAL!!