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Mar 5, 2007 04:57 PM

Top Notch Beefburger

Yesterday's Trib Magazine had a piece on the above burger emporium (it's one of two Illinois restaurants listed in a new book on the country's best burger joints -- Billy Goat is the other). We have eaten there many times and the burgers are outstanding. The fries are cooked old style --which is to say that they are fried in lard (no tran fat issue here!). Milkshakes are very good.

It's way out of the way -- 95th Street and Seeley -- in Beverly but for those of you lost on the Southside, well worth the trip.

Did I say that the burgers should be eaten with grilled onions? Did I say don't order burgers with lettuce and tomato? Did I say that the decore is world-class bad, inversely proportional to the food?

Get your food and eat in the car like a good American.

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  1. Love, love, LOVE this place! In my former job, whenever I had a meeting at nearby Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, I would insist on eating lunch here. Not at all healthy in any way, but totally worth it. While there are many bars on the Northside that serve up great burgers (including my fave, Moody's), I prefer Top Notch when I am on the South Side. Defnitley old-school diner burgers (in a good way!)