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Mar 5, 2007 04:54 PM

Chelsea/South Ken. Any suggestions?

I’m going to be having an extended stay in London and am looking for some good places in the Chelsea/South Ken area. All suggestions and price points welcome.

Many thanks.

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  1. Search this site -- there have been many recommendations in the past couple years. It's hard to go wrong in South Ken. La Bouchee for French, Lundum's for Danish, Cambio de Tercio for Spanish -- it's a great neighborhood. Pick up a copy of the latest Harden's, and it will serve you well, tempered by the past critiques of the Hounds.

    1. We had a delicious and enjoyable lunch at Lou Pescadou on Old Brompton Rd. It's 2 blks from the South Ken tube stop. Very good seafood. Reasonable prices.

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        It's a nice place indeed, but it's quite a haul from the South Ken tube. It's about a 5 minute walk south from the Earl's Court tube, or a 5 minute walk east from the West Brompton tube ...

        Also in the immediate area of these two stops and worth a try: The Atlas, Langan's, Kisso, Mai Food, and the Filipino place right across from Mai Food (name escapes me, but love their oxtail kare)

        1. re: Bradbury

          Indeed! I misspoke..not South Ken, but Earl's Court.

      2. If you want a real splurge, the meal I had last year at Blake's Hotel was fantastic. I'll second the suggestion for La Bouchee - one of my friends who is a real NY foodie really likes that place.

        1. Racine in Brompton Road is an excellent French restaurant. Probably a bit more expensive than La Bouchee but better. There is also quite a good Lebanese restaurant near La Bouchee - sorry have forgotten the name. Not expensive. Carluccio's near South Ken tube is part of a chain but is extremely good. I had a cup of their rich hot chocolate instead of dessert.
          In Chelsea, try The Painted Heron just off Cheyne Walk, by the river. Very interesting modern Indian cooking. There is also a very good Lebanese cafe (again, no name, sorry), on the corner of King's Road near Peter Jones department store (Sloane Square tube).
          In both areas, you will be able just to wander around and find places to eat, some of which will even be good.

          1. Great Thai across the Park in Westbourne Grove, Tawana. Poule au Pot in Chelsea is better French than Racine. Zuma in Knightsbridge for Japanese