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The Castaway in Burbank

Any info on the Saturday buffet? How is this restaurant? Thinking about having a birthday party there .. just trying to get information since I've never heard of this place before.

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  1. good views of the valley but mediocre food. however, the last time i went to castaway was @4yrs ago......dunno if the place has changed any.

    1. I was there in October.

      Run away. Run FAR away. The much-vaunted view of the Valley isn't worth the mediocre food -- and don't try the Odyssey either, it's got the same problem. If you must go, meat (prime rib, steak) is probably your best bet.

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        I would not go as far as to say to run. It is your basic food. I definitely agree with the prime rib rec - that is what I get when I am dragged there (usually by the 60+ set - i.e. my mom and her friends). Mom and I sometimes meet at the Odyssey for drinks and sitting on the deck. Actually, I think the view is pretty great at both Odyssey and Castaways. If you don't expect much, you will be fine with it.

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          I go to the Odyssey about once a year with the family, and it's always just fine to me. There are certain dishes in the buffet that I dislike, but you can always have salad, fruit and an omelette, or the roast beef (i.e. pick and choose what's good or decent to you).

          I also like the view of the Valley, during the day and at night. :)

          I don't remember much about Castaway, although I have been there at least once, many years ago.

      2. And you know, the view isn't all that. I've gone twice for special occasions (one was a Lunar Festival / New Year and another was for a friend's wedding reception) but never had the food at the restaurant.

        1. We go for drinks by the bonfire pits when the weather is nice. That's worth it!

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              They are generous pours, that's true.

            2. I used to go there with my family all the time, and the place burned down at one point (maybe like 10 years ago?). I don't know if they changed chefs or something after that, but it's been bad for the last few years

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                the fire was only about 4 years ago.

              2. Has anybody tried their Saturday Brunch?

                1. I went last year with my elderly mother who lives nearby. NOT good.

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                      Off the 405 at Rinaldi. If you look to your left when driving north on the 405 once you pass the 118 you will see it on top of the hill. I prefer the Odyssey's view over the Castaway's, but that may be because I am a valley girl. Also, the Odyssey has free food (cheese, crackers, usually something hot like buffalo wings) during happy hour. Also, 94th Aerosquadron (next to the Van Nuys Airport) and The Proud Bird (next to LAX) are also owned by the same person. If you could not tell, he is very into airplanes and both the last-mentioned restaurants have views of their airport's runways through huge windows. Also, the 94th has a great outdoor patio where you can watch the planes come and go, and during summer, has great music on Fridays (with free happy hour food). We often meet for happy hour at the 94th.

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                        Kiyoshi, this link also has pictures, directions and restaurant hours for the Odyssey. :)


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                          Also, they have an earlybird special on weekdays (I believe you have to be seated by 6 or 6:30 - call them). You have a choice of 3 or 4 entrees (Prime Rib or Salmon (I know for sure), Fettuccini Alfredo and maybe a chicken dish (not sure). I think it is around $14.00 and you get soup or their salad bar or small salad (depending on the location) - I ALWAYS get the clam chowder 'cuz I love it! Potato (I get baked), a soft drink (or iced tea) and dessert (cheesecake which my brother loves). It is a really really good deal. For a while there, the prime rib was really bad, but the last time I went it had gotten much better. Once we went and ordered prime rib, rare and the waitress came and told us that the chef had "forgotten" it in the oven, so there was no rare!! It was still okay, though.

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                            The earlybird special sounds like a deal. I went there for dinner once (as opposed to the weekend brunch), and it was much more expensive than that. Never knew! Thanks for the info.

                            I like the Odyssey. Good memories with fam and friends, plus it's in the Valley. :)

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                              Yeah, it is a great deal. It may be a couple of dollars more (I cannot remember what it cost last time) but is still worth it. Also, always ask for a table next to the window so you can enjoy the view while you eat.

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                            The Odyssey???? H-m-m-m. Well......... the last time we were there was New Years Eve in maybe 1975? They were so busy they were stuffing tables everywhere they could. A group of 10 of us (young marrieds back then) sat at a round table and were brought salads after maybe 20 minutes (now about 10:00PM). The next time we saw any food was at approximately 11:45. IIRC four of the orders were correct, four more were ice cold, and the last were nowhere to be found. We all got up, left what seemed like an appropriate amount of cash on the table and walked out.

                            We wound up at the nearby home of oneof the couples where we made bacon and eggs which we had with some cheap champagne. We're still friends with some of them and still laugh about that night.

                        2. I'm actually about to try their Saturday brunch, but I've been to their Sunday brunch on several occasions, and I actually think it's ok, and a pretty good value for the price. Don't expect gourmet, but it's comparable to a good Vegas buffet. Their seafood station is always loaded with crab legs, shrimp cocktail, and poached salmon; they have a made-to-order omelet & pasta station; the prime rib is decent, as pointed out by others; and their desserts are usually quite good. And the free flowing champagne is actually quite nice -- may not be Dom or even a Moet&Chandon but not Andre's either. All for about $25pp? Plus the incredible view? Not a bad deal at all. Just don't expect it to be brunches at the Ritz or the 4 seasons (or their $75pp price tag).

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                            You have given me hope as we are slated to go for my niece's daughter's first birthday for a family Sunday brunch celebration at the end of the month.

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                              It should be fine, it's a very popular place for family celebrations such as yours. I went to the Saturday brunch today, and had a positive experience. It's slightly less of a spread than the Sunday brunch, but it was also cheaper, $20.95 vs $26.95 on Sundays. Again, don't expect gourmet -- but it's very decent food, and just indulge in the great ambience and the bottomless champagne/mimosas.

                          2. I took my friend to the Saturday Buffet a couple of yrs ago and didnt think much of the food. The view is amazing and its a nice date place. But don't expect much from the food. I compare it to a 3.5 star hotel brunch buffet in Vegas.