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Mar 5, 2007 04:30 PM

help! park slope (4th ave/8th st) breakfast/lunch delivery takeout reccomendations

any recommendations for moderately priced breakfast and lunch places for delivery or takeout near 4th ave@8th street? my friends and i will be in that area this friday and we are unfamiliar with the neighborhood. we are looking for good food and are quite open minded in terms of cuisine. places that specialize in local, sustainable, organic food with good coffee would be great. thanks for your help! ps. after checking out the archives, i'm thinking about chip shop, two little red hens (red velvet cake for dessert), colson patisserie, sweet melissa and tempo presto. any thoughts on those places would be appreciated.

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  1. the little take-out place on the west side of 4th ave. between 10th & 11th (whose name I always forget) has great tamales, nice soup & baked goods.
    i believe some of the places you mentioned (two little red hens) only serve sweets. you may want to check in advance.

    1. It doesn't fall into your local, sustainable, etc. category, but Bar Toto on 11th St. and 6th Avenue has great paninis, pizzas, fritattas, etc. for lunch. You can do a very lazy day there, too . . .it's always my standby.

      1. Several of the places you mentioned aren't near 4rh ave and 8th st, and several don't deliver. Our standby is Tacos Nuevo Mexico on 5th and 12th. I second the take out place on 4th and 10th, and our all time favorite is the rotisserie chicken from the corner of 12th and 3rd. Yummm. (Ithink it's called La Flor).

        1. Two Little Red Hens is on 8th and 12th, and doesn't deliver. Also, I think it doesn't carry the red velvet cake anymore...though it is worth the walk (and the prices) and I've never been disappointed there.

          1. great, thanks for the suggestions and advice!