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Mar 5, 2007 04:24 PM

help me use my box of jiffy cornbread mix. . .

to make some moist and delicious mini corn bread muffins for a cocktail/wine party.

let me start off by saying that i have no idea about baking. secondly, i have the boxes already so i'd like to use them. thirdly, i made cornbread as directed by the box once and it was dry and not-scrumptious. fourth, i messed up the boxed directions once adding way too much milk (and maybe something else) and the cornbread came out tender and delicious, so i know you can get good cornbread out of that box!

so. . . .any pointers on how i can change up the jiffy mix recipe to get good mini muffins? also has anyone ever had/made blue cheese corn muffins? i really want to try that! :)

thanks in advance!

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  1. I had a roommate that did wonders with sour cream in the mix, but her "recipe" was along the lines of "add until it looks right," and I never watched her enough, and I don't know if sour cream was the "only" secret ingredient.

    Did you see this thread?

    1. No idea about bleu cheese muffins, but...

      My secrets to making good cornbread from a mix are:

      1. Add about a few tablespoons additional milk.
      2. Add a tablespoon of mayo (helps make it light and fluffy).
      3. DO NOT overmix--it's okay if it's a little lumpy, just make sure all of the dry parts are coated with mix.

      Also, it could be that your oven and the box directions just don't get along. Check 'em a few minutes early...

      1. plain yogurt! Its magical! Or sour cream, but I prefer nonfat plain yogurt. It makes the cornbread super moist and tender.
        second on the not overmixing or overbaking...

        1. Yogurt/Sour Cream/Mayo all form the same function (I had forgotten about using sour cream, too--thanks!). Whatever you have on hand will work. It really adds a different depth to the finished product.

          If you want something different, throw in some canned creamed corn. Just reduce the milk by a bit, or it'll be too liquidy.

          (I do cornbread by eye, so I'm not good at telling you how to exactly adjust the amounts!)

          1. I recently judged a junior high science fair where one of the projects was to find out what happens when you make Jiffy cornbread with more or less eggs than the box directs. I did not taste the cornbread, but based on how it looked and the kid's report, I would recommend perhaps adding one more egg than the directions indicate. His finished product with the extra egg looked more moist and tender, but at least according to him it still tasted like corn. (Although personally, I might try both adding an egg and adding a tablespoon or two of the yogurt/sour cream/mayo suggested above).