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Mar 5, 2007 04:15 PM

what's the thing to order at yamo?

I went to Yamo for the first time today and was disappointed--I saw a previous poster had described it as "oily and bland," which described my experience pretty well, except that mine was also salty. Another poster recommended the chicken salad, which sounded great. I'm wondering what else people really enjoy eating there. I had the vegetable "curry," which didn't have many spices beyond salt. I love Mandalay and always get the Mandalay noodle salad, to give you a sense of what I like. Spicy and complicated! I eat meat but don't care for fish and am not terribly health-conscious. Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. I'm not sure what to tell you. I liked Yamo when I first went, mostly because of the atmosphere. The food was decent, so I returned two or three more times to try different things and was underwhelmed with everything. I did like the mango salad and the house noodles were OK. The chicken soup is a sight to behold, but the enjoyment does not hold true for the taste.

    For a similar hole-in-the-wall atmosphere with exceptional food, I like Loi's (Vietnamese) on Irving out in Sunset. In this neighborhood, I like El Delfin, Lotus Garden, and Chava's, none of which is quite as inexpensive. Yucatasia, which is just a block or so up from Yamo, has gotten some positive mentions here, so I'm looking forward to trying that.

    1. Their Tea Salad is great. Crunchy, sweet, complex -- Good stuff, a little over priced for the size but good none the less. Their Samusas are pretty good too but I prefer the ones at Bombay Creamery. the person next to me had the Chicken salad and it looked just as good as my salad. The house noodles were run of the mill noodles. I plan on trying the cold noodles next time--and the chow fun looked good.

      1. I had the cold noodles the one time I went and they were delicious

        Here's a link to the report from September, and some of the responses have more suggestions:

        1. give this place a try
          burmese food open 8 months ago
          Larkin Express Deli
          452 Larkin st, san francisco
          bet golden gate & turk
          415 474 5569

          1. We went for lunch the other day, shared a tea leaf salad and "cold" noodles ($5.25 each) and a coconut ($2.50). Not the best Burmese in town but good (we ordered the noodles spicy), especially given the low prices and ample portions.