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Mar 5, 2007 04:07 PM

eDiets Express-has anyone tried this?

I was wondering if anyone knows about eDiets Express? I was thining of starting a home delivery service for my meals for a short time. I have also checked out Fresh Express, but they are much more expensive. Any input would be helpful. Thank in advance.

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  1. I use nukitchen at, have tried zone chefs as well and I simply love nukitchen that much more. Great flavor and not as limiting as zone chefs was.

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    1. re: JoLi

      hey, i am on nukitchen diet now. its been 2 weeks. my aim is basically to lose weight. i am really satisfied with the food. do you recommend for loosing weigth as well? or it is just an healty eating habit sort of thing??

      1. re: BURCU

        Hello, I just started Nukitchen this week. How is the weight loss? I am aiming to do it for 20 weeks, maybe 30. How is it working for you?

        email me! cherubicon(at)gmail