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Mar 5, 2007 03:37 PM

Great Corned Beef & Cabbage for St. Patty's Day?

Despite my lack of Irish background, I love corned beef & cabbage. In years past, I have gone to R.F. O'Sullivans in Somerville to get my annual St. Patty's day fix. Unfortunately, last year their quality was less than impressive (boiled too long such that the meat actually got dry and started to disintegrate...and were there early-5pm!), so I'm inspired to try someplace new. Where can I get a great boiled dinner? Is there anyplace that serves it year round so I don't have to wait all year to indulge?

As driving & parking durning St. Patty's day in Boston can be treacherous, I'd prefer Cambridge / Somerville, but will go to Boston if I can get to the place by T. I'm happy to hear about "year round" options in Boston though, as I'll simply visit them after all the drunken throngs have gone home :)

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I think Tommy Doyle's in Kendall Square has corned beef & cabbage on the regular menu.

      1. Wanna go real Old School? Hop on the T to Durgin Park. They've been there forever , offer it year round and do it right. BTW, save some room for their wondrous indian pudding..

        1. Well it's not in Boston, but I was at The Skellig in Waltham last year for St. Patrick's Day and saw numerous corned beef dinners being served and they looked great. I assume The Burren would also offer it since they are owned by the same folks. However, nothing beats mom's...I just put in my request.

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            The Burren actually shuts down their kitchen on St. Patty's day to allow for more crammed seating and faster serving of drinks by the wait staff. Lame but understandable :)