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Friendly Bistro in the Village

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My friend and her family are coming down for a visit and I said i would take them out for dinner one night. I'm looking for a bistro that's moderately priced, situated in the village as I don't think they'll manage to get down to that part of the city otherwise. (I believe they're staying in midtown). They don't like anything too exotic or sceney, which is why I think bistro food is pretty safe. I was thinking along the lines of Tartine, but that's where I took my friend the last time she visited. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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  1. Le Gigot on Cornelia

    1. Jarnac sounds right for you. It's intimate, friendly, reasonable and the food is good.

      1. If you venture a little bit further downtown, I very much like the tiny Bistro les Amis - 180 Spring Street, corner of Thompson. Totally unpretentious, cozy, good food, reasonable prices, terrific bread from Sullivan Street Bakery.

        1. I really like The Village on W 8th or 9th St. Great feel to the space and always friendly service.

          1. bar 6 on 13th and 6th is great

            1. Casimir
              103 Avenue B, btwn 6th and 7th streets

              14 1st Avenue, btwn 1st and 2nd streets

              both in the East Village, both delicious and not crazily expensive.